Seo techniques

I would like know about
all seo on page and off page techniques. Any one here who will tell me the whole things?

There are a number of stickied threads here which should give you a start - what specifically are you looking for?

I’d recommend Google’s Starter Guide, which you can download from the link on this page: bookmarking
2.keyword density
3.use blog
may these can help you .

Hi Emiee,

There are so many threads are running with the same topic, before starting any discussion/thread, make sure how much it’s help to newbie or exiting members.
By the way there are so many techniques using the different experts, nothing is fix techniques or same for all. I would like suggest please go to google and search, hopefully you get the better techniques.

Hi Emiee. In your intro you mentioned that you offer SEO services for ukwebfast. I’m curious as to why you have posted this thread.

In SEO, there are different techniques which we can use to advertise our business online. These techniques are:
>> On-Page Optimization:

  • Use Quality Keywords
  • Relevant Content
  • Meta Tag
  • Add Alt Tags to images
  • Anchor Text
    >> Off-Page Optimization:
  • Post Ads (with signature)
  • Bookmark Submission (with signature)
  • Forum Submission (with signature)
  • Article Marketing (with signature)
  • Blog Posting and Commenting (with signature)

Posting lists is never very helpful.

If the OP is new to the area of SEO, then it would be much more helpful to mention one technique and explain properly how to do it, rather than make a list of terms which might mean little or nothing to a beginner.

In this case, as HAWK has pointed out, the OP has posted elsewhere that she provides SEO-related services. In that case, she is presumably looking for something more in-depth than a list of topics, although until she returns to explain exactly what she wants, we’re just guessing.

Either way, bare lists are not helpful, so please, no more posts with lists.

Check out the below given link .
this link will give you the best SEO on page techniques.

On page seo - filling in the meta tags for pages and posts, targeting keywords on each and every posting, optimizing photos you use on articles, and everything else you can do on the site.

OFF Page - this is everything about quality backlinking. Spam and low quality links can hurt your site in the eyes of google. You do article submissions, bookmarking, social network posting, forum posting, press releases, guest posting, and anything you can think of so long as you can leave a link on a particular site.

As the OP has never returned to clarify what they want, this thread doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Thanks to all who responded. Thread closed.