How play flash without flash player?

I’m doing a web page that uses flash, can I make my content to be displayed even if not installed flash player?
I hear what is possible.:cool:

It is impossible to display flash contents without flash player on any web page.

hmmm… Thanks, but I’m already using it. Maybe there are some ways to what?

You can provide alternate content to users that do not have the flash player installed. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all.

Flash will need a player to play, that can be a flash player or any other third party tool but can’t run without it. Better is to avoid such contents which need extra plugins or tools. Many visitors leave the websites for not having such tools or don’t want to install extra to view such pages.

Flash without the flash player?

That’s kinda impossible. You’ll have to get your users to install something else, in which case you might as well get them to install Flash itself.

I’ve been experimenting with the google swiffy extension that allows export from flash ide to html5, quite effective for simple work though you have to bear in mind the ‘advantages’ html5 bring to animation (larger file sizes and slow frame rates). It only works with actionscript 2 and won’t allow files beyond 1mb but worth a try.

No way to play flash content wihout any flash player… so its better if you put a link or image to mention a msg that your website need flash player