Auto Install Flash Player in IE8

Good day!

I have a flash in my webpages, my concern is how is it work if the users has no flash player in their pc, i mean auto install of flash player, so automatically the flash was work if they open my webpage. I have no idea on hopw to do that…

Thank you

Check out swfObject for embedding your flash. It comes with an express install feature that will give users the option to install the required player to view your site.:wink:

You should be concerned, there’s a VERY good reason why Flash developers are having to consider alternative content these days. First thing you need to know… you can’t force those without Flash to install it, the most you can do (as mentioned above) is prompt them saying it’s needed - but that won’t install it, it will just give them the option to install it. Secondly, the 8% of people with scripts disabled will NOT receive that message and won’t have Flash available to them. Thirdly, even if they install Flash, it’ll take time and won’t instantly appear when they open the page (and it won’t be invisibly installed). Fourthly ONLY Internet Explorer will prompt for Flash player to install… for every other browser, if it’s not installed or disabled, you can’t get it as you want it. Finally… devices like the iPhone don’t support Flash, for them - your pleas are pointless. Lesson: Don’t expect your visitors to have flash or install it. If the content is that important, have alternatives available. :slight_smile: