Alternative text to flash

If a user doesn’t have flash installed I want to display a message instead of my flash file - like an image (alternative text). Can anyone tell me how to do this?


The basic structure of object tags to attach flash and provide text for those who don’t have it is:

<object classid="..."><!-- for IE -->
<object type="..."><!-- for other browsers -->
Text content for non-flash browsers goes here

Use swfobject to embed your swf. This has a div in the html of the page e.g myswfcontent that gets replaced with the swf (if they have flash player) else the div html content gets displayed. Using swfobject also avoids the ‘click to activate’ problem in internet explorer.

Thanks for these useful suggestions - but how do I now test to see if they are working without uninstalling Flash Player?

You could install an alternative browser to your normal one (e.g opera/chrome) and use that to test

this site does it all:

One thing - my flash animation has a param value of transparent so when it fades it shows whatever is behind - in this case the alternative text. Can anyone direct me as to how i can only get the alternative text showing if the flash fails?

Don’t embed it as transparent, or put a background layer the size of the stage with a solid colour.

I have to have the flash as transparent as I have a j query scroll on top that was incredibly tricky to put there. Any further thoughts as to how to do it considering this?