How Much Traffic Do Forum Signatures Really Generate?

I have always wondered how much traffic is generated via forum signatures to those members who have several thousand posts in a quality community like SitePoint. I notice clicks here and there but I typically use forums on an as need basis therefore don’t accumulate many posts.

Could any active members share a ball park or shed some light on the subject?

forums are meant to share and learn new things and it isnt build for LB or traffic, those two are just additional things you can possibly get by joining a forum…

BTW. please be careful of making replies like that whether as an attempt to raise your post count or otherwise.

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If When you read the FAQ entry Avatars you can will learn about custom avatars here at SitePoint.

BTW. Signatures here at SitePoint currently have no value as backlinks in terms of PR. But if you make good replies, and have a link that captures someones interest enough, you just might get some traffic from it. Then if the content is deemed valuable, someone might just give you a link on their own site.

I don’t have a signature so I can’t provide you with any numbers but I would say that the more active you are and the better quality your posts the more people are going to click on your links.

Also with regard to forum signatures as link building, well sure there links and will help but they won’t help much.

I just got my 4th sign-up. I would say it had to be the the result of a forum listing. I don’t have a signature here either, but a few of the other forums that I’ve been posting at do.

Being somewhat of a newbee, I’m happy. I wish they would let you pick a custom avitar here.


At this point in time I was all keyed up about Forum Marketing. I had gotten 3 sign ups to my list the first day. These were my first sign up. Since then I have not received any.

This is not to say that I am going to give up on Forum Marketing. I am going to move on to Article Marketing and see how that goes.

I am new to this forum so really don’t know how much this forums generate but i never get a lot of traffic from them. Their signature is count able and gives good back link.

How much traffic you get depends on how deep your posts are in each thread, how many posts you have, what niche the forum is, how much traffic the forum has, etc.

I would think you hardly get any traffic. I use forums only to contribute and to learn new stuff and to keep upto date with my sites niche/topic.

Even if you only get 20 or 30 UV’s a day. It is the most targeted traffic you can get.

you can get a huge traffic from forum posting. people can click on your signature and more over google concider signature as a backlink coming to your websites and put on high result when your website is searched by your keyword…

I’ve gotten alot of traffic and alot of clients from the signatures on my forums posts. The key is to become an active member of the community and sharing legitimate information. You can always tell who’s in there just to create some backlinks and be on their way. No one respects those posters, and they’re certainly not going to click on their link.

Networking aside, there is alot of great information in forums that can really help you.

He’s right. There’s no value in forum posting when it comes to link building. Forum posting can be good if you are building your subscribers list. Once you become credible on a particular forum, people will start to recognize and trust you. Put a link of your squeeze page where you offer a valuable free report, and you start building your list already.

I have 2 more accounts from other forums that has more than 1,000 posts, and building my subscribers list using forums really works for me.

Well, In my opinion signature links in forums are one of the most effective ways to build website link popularity and back link count. When used properly, signature links are cost effective and quite useful way to improve website traffic, back links and overall link popularity.

I disagree. Their absolutely zero value for link building is definitely less than the almost zero value they have for direct traffic generating.

i think forum signature are good for link building , not good for traffic generating,

Having just started Forum Signature Marketing, I’d have to say, at least some.

I am a newbee and have just finished my first site and started forum marketing.

I got my first person in my AWeber list apparently through forum marketing.

This is really a good question. I have accounts in almost 10 popular forums and i post about 5 posts to each of them every day. In my experience, the forum signature bring few traffic to my site, usually less than 10 in a day.

It’s depend upon your performance if you focus on your related category means you need to post on your related question post and you must be active member so you will get good traffic

If you sig is on topic to your posts they can be quite effective for quality traffic.

For link building the impact is very minimal.

If you have quality sites and are looking to build a reputation this can also be an effective use of forum signature links.

It’s just one piece of a very large puzzle. It doesn’t hurt so unless you are trying to hide your sites I think it’s worth doing. :wink: