How much time would Adobe Flash + Actionscript take to learn

hello all,

i have 1.5 Month to learn some web designing related language. i know html,css,photoshop. i want to know that how much time would adobe flash + Actionscript would take?

Also please specify me some another course related to web designing which can be completed in 1.5 month.

Thankyou in advance :slight_smile:

If you don’t know any other programming language, then actionscript is probably not the easiest place to start. I’d probably try learning some javascript first as a good complement to your html and css capabilities. 6 weeks should give you enough time to learn some basics and enough about a library such as jquery that will allow you to use your new skill productively.

I also want to know… how long will it take to forget Flash and ActionScript, it got to a sad end :frowning:

6-8 weeks are enough to learn the basics! But can I ask why do you want to specifically learn AS?

Thanks EastCoast :slight_smile:

Because i want to become a very good web designer,but now i am going for javascript and jquery then :slight_smile:

Exactly! Good choice! :slight_smile:

I was trying to learn Adobe Flash + Actionscript too, it’s really hard, trust me, i took about 3 or4 months to fully understand it and learn, i can give you only 1 tip - Always try to do everything slow.