Flash newbie asking for tips and guidelines


I’ve designed regular html/css sites professionally the past 12 years, but have never really made anything worth mentioning in flash.

But now I need to create a simple (?) site, completely in flash. Basically, it’ll consist of 6-7 “pages” (or “scenes”, or “clips”. See, I don’t even know the proper terms!) and a feedback form. Of course, there has to be a menu with a button for each page, and when clicking one, the present “page” should e.g. slide away and make room for the new.

I’d really appreciate help with the basic principles to create this, what the correct terms are, and suggestions about good tutorials.

I use CS4 (Mac) if that’s vital to know.

Thanks in advance!

That’s a big question, Dandy!
There’s lots of tutorials all over the net, of course, but this is a pretty sizeable question. If you can spare $25, I’d personally head on over to Lynda.com. There’s a 3 hour video tutorial there “Creating a first website with Flash CS4 professional.”
That should be a huge help.
(Oh, for the $25 you can watch whatever video tutorials you like, for a month.)

Oh - I just noticed they have a 4 hr tutorial, too: “Creating a Portfolio website with Flash CS4 professional.”

I guess that would be a more advanced version…
Anyhow, have fun.

Why would you want to create an entire site in Flash? IMO I would try to keep flash content to a minimum.