Flash upload form


Please take a look at the following flash upload demo form:


I just love the way the uploaded images are converted to thumbnail images and displaying the image info. I have no knowledge of flash. If I was to learn flash now to build a upload form like this, after how many months will I be able to create it?

really hard to say how long it would take to be able to do something like that from day 1 of trying to learn flash

the actual upload process on that page is done via ASP code, but the FileReference code that they would be using on that form is not very difficult, once you are familiar with the AS3 syntax.

to give you an example, for the flash side of things on that form, it would take me half a day to build it out, assuming that the asp side of things was already setup, or at least i knew how it would be setup. I have been coding for a while though, so it would take someone new to actionscript longer…

are you an experienced coder in any other languages? javascript? a background in java / javascript would help you progress a lot faster in learning actionscript