Want To Start Web Designing

Hello Everyone!

I want to ask you guys something. currently I’m doing a job for a Social Dating Website Avastring , but, I’ in interested in web designing. I attended an institution for a short course of 2 months in web designing. They said they will teach us adobpe photoshop cs5, Dreamweaver , wordpress, html, css, php, flash, I thought this will b e good. But after admission we came to know that there will be only 40 lectures in the course. 4 lectures a week (duration 1 hour/lec) . They just taught us Adobe PS CS5 , HTML and Inline CSS. I got 90% marks in the final exams of that course. But when I saw professionals online, and saw they question on Odesk for the test of HTML and PS CS5 , There was nothing they taught us in the class. That test was very advanced. and now I’m worried. Did I just wasted my time in that course? what should I do now. I’m 27 years old, don’t have any special degree. Just have 12 yearsy of education. want to get some job in designing.
So any Ideas or opinions are welcome.

What you studied won’t be a waste of time, but there’s more to learn. I’d recommend you pick up a good book on HTML and CSS to start with. Or try some courses at Learnable.

I recommend searching for tutorials and ready scripts for your own use. Learning how to read scripts is an awesome skill to have.

Also, remember, once you learn one scripting language, it’s much easier to learn second one! ^-^

No, the education you got from the institution is not wasted. But its just that these languages are so advanced that nobody can taught you that completely. They provided you the basics of these languages, now you have to learn them yourself by searching them on net. Read online tutorials and learn from them. Knowing the languages of web designing and actually designing a website is completley different. You will learn everything only by working and experience. Always try to explore more.

start with HTML and CSS …These are the basics of web designing…For Advance, Adobe photoshop, flash are required to learn the do web designing…

Best advice I can give you is start designing webpages for yourself from the ground up. Learn how to go from design to PSD, to PSD to HTML and then implementing the features you want. It takes a lot of time but hands-on experience will allow you to experience the type of understanding you need.

You have done course for it is good which have been cleared your basic fundamentals regarding it. But if you want to learn it with deeply then at this initial level, you must first begin to make design by seeing other designs. You should also see online video for to learn and understand how to properly make a web design.

These all things will help you to become good web designer. But when you will become expert to make copy of design then you would go to design by yourself by adding your creativity and idea into design. And for that you would remain updated with latest trend and updates of web design.

The time you spent on the course was certainly not wasted. You still learned the basics, but you can’t expect them to cover everything. Technology is always changing, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the technical details. Like many others have mentioned, find and read books that teach you HTML and CSS to start with.

I’ve always been a firm believer that the best way to learn how to do something is by actually doing the work; you gain the experience and knowledge of what needs to be done. This is how I learned HTML and CSS.

For example, I studied Graphic Design and I never learned any web technologies in school, but I knew that having that knowledge would be extremely beneficial in the long term. So I started doing research, reading up on articles and books, and just got started coding pages. If I got stuck, I’d search for it to see if anyone else has had similar issues, read the responses, tried them out and learned from them.