How much is Job Security?

Just curious how others weigh job security when taking new job. If they offer 2x~3x your current salary, then would you take very high risk job? For example, it’s gurantee for next 6 month but not sure afterwards. Of course, assuming you have a stable job that you are already happy with.

For me with the combination of my family responsibilities and school. I wasn’t able to go with it.

I am a freelance web designer, so I take jobs purely on the basis of how much they appeal to me, whether they match the kind of rates I’m willing to work for and if I can offer anything to the clients project, viability and job security for me rests in the offers for work from potential clients :slight_smile:

from that perspective, I should keep my stable job. But, if the rate is 3x the amount, you wouldn’t consider purely based on rate?

It depends on the project, if there was something I really wanted to achieve I might have a go :slight_smile:

Hmm, that’s always a real tough one!

If you were barely making it with your current stable job, then I would go with the 3x the pay rate, because this may be a wonderful opportunity for you. However, if you are real good with your job right now, then I would definitely stay with it.

It depens on the bills you have to pay and your financial situation and how much the job appeal to you. If you don’t like it but you need the cash urgently (and this means that the customer is quick payer) and it is not anything that goes against my basic principles… by all means, rate.

If I can afford to choose… whatever is more appealing to me

If they’re paying you 3X your normal salary then even if you take the job, get laid off after 6 months and take a year to find a new job then you are no worse off.

And there’s no guarantee that your old job is going to be around forever. I laugh when people say, oh you’re a consultant, that’s risky, no job security and all and then their companies downsize and they’re out of a job (well maybe laugh is a tad much, but smirk a little at their naivety).

Good point. Seriously though, if this offer came 3 month ago… perhaps I’d jump on it. For now, I just accepted a new job that I’ve been persuing for 3 long years…and finally got it… jeez~ life is so unpredictable w/ opportunities.

As long as the opportunities keep coming, that’s all that matters

3x the pay for 6 months means 1.5 years pay.
So, if you get another job within the 12 months after the current 6 month contract, your ahead.

And if you think you can’t get a job in 1 year, then you probably need to work on your skills a little bit…

the only problem here would be that people tend to use more money when they earn more, so many people would use the extra money and be desperate in need for a job almost instant when the old job ended :stuck_out_tongue:

for me, money is not that important. to be happy in your job combined with the security of having a job is more important.
i took out vacation today, and just a few hours later some company calls me and offers me $14k for a week, week and a half of job, where i reply that for $20k i may think about it. they thought it was too expensive, so i reply that they better call someone else, cause i’m not the dude they are looking for and hangs up

then i went snowboarding in the most amazing deep powder i have ever experienced. :slight_smile:

That’s pretty awesome. That’s exactly how I feel at this moment. Meaning I am happy with the job I have now but w/ big sums of money… I am tempted. Wish it was just part time like your offer… oh well~ I’ve already rejected so maybe I should go fishing or something.

money is just money, but life… life is what you really puts value in. if you’re not happy in life without money, you’ll probably be just as unhappy with money.

so go fishing, and enjoy life :slight_smile: I know i will be ice fishing a lot in the days that comes now :slight_smile:

I think it depends on what job market. If you are into IT then I guess 3x salary is the wise choice because even if you lose the job after 6 months, your chance of getting another one quickly is good. So I guess its worth the risk.

job security is one of the basic necessity of every human according to maslow

:shifty: I’m a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to stuff like this, I really go for job satisfaction at the end of the day; sort of trying to find that happy middleground where I enjoy what I do and also obtain a decent salary at the end of it - If it’s high risk so be it, as long as it’s within my scope!

On another level, if I was in a situation with I was in trouble financially, then any job would do but obviously a full time permanent position, anything to get the bills paid etc! :tup:

While you’re technically right, you’re more likely to reach self-actualization if you have a job you enjoy… therefore if you can manage to sustain a job which isn’t stable but brings in enough money to cover your core needs and you know you can find more work (rather than prolonged unemployment), you’re more likely to reach the top of the pyramid. If job security was that important to our humanism then freelancers around the world would probably be classed in the stages of mental illness. :smiley: