Prefer to Job or Business?

Hi All,

I always ask this question to myself: What should I prefer in my life - High Profile Job or Well Established Business ?

I have done several jobs with different profiles for 10 years now and I was never satisfied with the roles I was given throughout this period. Be it a web developer, team lead or Project Manager, I always kept a thought in my mind "Shall I continue with this role changing profiles or Shall I start my own venture to delegate these roles to others?’

Finally, at this stage, I have opened a firm with some hope that I’ll get a good customer base (even though I’ve got some of them by this time) and live a life with full satisfaction for what I am doing is being accepted by my customers and if they feel something wrong, they can directly put their statements to me.

Would like you all to share your inputs on this topic.


Well in my case, if I will be given an opportunity to own a business, I will. Now I can’t do that for I don’t have the necessary capital even for a small business. Unlike when you are hired in a job, you get bossed around. If you own the company, you are the boss. Besides you get an ROI, not a salary. I had an acquaintance who told me his experiences that he got more money when start to set up a business of his own than when he was employed by someone else. Also, you don’t get fired when you own a business.

However, setting up is risky than applying for a job. You must have the necessary capital for it, a business plan, marketing plan, SWOT analysis, etc. When you expand your business, you probably need more people to hire to help you operate it well.

This is something that all IT or IT related business guys dream of… I mean starting their own firm… You have successfully started a firm. Getting customers is a difficult process initially but you have manage to get some already… So that’s great So your in the right track. All the best bro…

I think Business is better than job.I am working in a multinational company but satisfied by my job and now i am thinking to do something by myself.

Don’t fool yourself… you still get bossed around… by your own customers!

Building a business is not for everyone in the same way that working for someone else is not for everyone.

Someone with a job may think that a business owner can do whatever he wants to do and can be a millionaire… and that’s true up to a point. You’re a slave of your customers and you can become a millionaire by not having a life, putting loads of hours into work, playing very smart (you’ve got to be smarter than the rest) and having leadership skills (after all, you’ll need people to work for you and you want them to pay fairly for their work, not just for being at the office doing nothing)

A High Profile job is more secure than a business.

In a business, everything that goes on is on you, whereas in a high profile job, at the beginning of each month, if you worked well for the previous month, you’ll automatically get credited for your toils.

If you want to play it safe, the high profile job is the best option.

If you want to give it a shot, the business is the best option, as it could hopefully procure more rewards for you than what the high profile job has to offer.

I prefer own business because job means you are working for someone and any time he can terminate you so you have not job gurrentee

I prefer job over business as it has minimum of risk involved.

A High Profile job is more secure than a business.

I really prefer to do a business but also i agree with Cupmachine, yes a high profile job is much better and more secure than a business, where you don’t have to work 24x7 as a business man and don’t want to take care about all the things.
Just try to do your working part best out of best.
Thats it.

Thank you all for your valuable responses.

Looking for more good ideas on this topic.

I too prefer job only.

We aim for a debate. Answers like “I prefer a job” withouth any further explanation will be removed from now onwards :slight_smile:

I think the grass always looks greener on the other side. Both having a high profile job and being a business owner has its pros and cons. It depends on what you value more in life.

I’ve personally been on my own for a couple of years now, and while it is satisfying to have my own schedule, there will also be times when you kinda get “bossed around” by clients. At times, I end up working very late, and at times I even have to be responsive to my clients during my supposed “holidays”. It is during these times when I really envy my other friends who are having 9-5 job!

I guess ultimately, it would be most ideal if we could scale the business to a level where as the business owner, you don’t have to do most of the work (i.e. hire and pay people to do it). This will take time, and putting together a good team of people to work for you is quite a challenge!

Personally, I will own a business (eventually). I think everyone should at least give it a try as a life learning experience. I understand the risks and etc… but there are many people who failed many businesses and they do fine today. When reading/talking to a business owner which failed, they’ve gain valuable experiences that lead to better business model in the future. Just about every successful business owners had failed experiences before. If you are fine with worst case scenario and still be ok then go for it.

I prefer job
business has large risk
I am not an adventurous person

Business. I just get fired from jobs.

yeah i agree with you first start with job get some experience and then start business…

I prefer job because it has minimum of risk, not much of stress, no investment, no loss (fixed income) and less responibilities

You can choose business.