Accepting or Rejecting a Job Offer

I was laid off about two months ago and have been freelancing and just enjoying my freedom of time and the benefits of getting unemployment check. Somebody offered me a job but they are offering me something that is less than what I was making before. I have decided to negotiate and counter offer them but decided to be ready to walk away from this offer in case they can’t give me a good compensation. I am just wondering if any of our members here had the same experience and I just want to here what you guys think of this situation. A part of me tells me that with this economy I should just take it and the other part tells me that I should keep looking and continue to freelance while searching.

Any advice and feedback is very much appreciated.

Well, the decision really depends on you. Try to weigh things, compare the two options. If you will accept the job offer, you will have a regular work but you won’t have enough time and freedom the way you’re experiencing it as a freelancer…

Which is more important to you and choose the right one. Good luck mate! =)

Depends where you are, I’m in Australia and was let go in early April because they could not afford me any more. I’m now doing freelancing and loving the freedom also. I would never accept another job ever again. I was let go, through no fault of my own, why put that trust into a company again?

But there are harsh financial times out there for a lot of countries. Are you getting enough freelance work? if so, why get a job?

What sort of skill set do you have btw? :slight_smile: