Unsure about new job opportunity

Hi there

I have been working as a junior coldfusion developer here in central london for about a year now. I really like the atmosphere here at this company, its really laid back, you can wear your own clothes to work and there is a really good social vibe also. We all go out together and work provides a free bar on friday.

In terms of day to day work, things are good, though im not being mentored anywhere near as much as I would like to. I would like to learn alot more from the senior developers, but I have pretty much being teaching myself the whole time.

Anyway, as london is so expensive I thought I should look for a higher paid job, because when I brought up the chances of promotion at my current company they gave me a £1500 pay rise but my role has stayed exactly the same. It wasnt really a substantially change in my financially circumstances.

I have been offered another job following an interview, the offices and area are really nice, and the people who I would be working with are also nice. However, for some reason I feel really scared about leaving, like i might be making a mistake.

The new role would just be me working with one senior developer, whereas now I work in a team of about 15. It makes me feel unsure about opportunities to learn and collaborate. Also, the type of work is not ideally what I am looking for, as would love to work for an agency.

However, it is a £10,000 pay increase and would allow me to live more comfortably. I am just worried about leaving where I am at the moment, but its difficult to get such an opportunity considering how little commercial experience I have.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, yeah, got myself into a bit of stress about it, but all sorted now and glad i did what i did.

Thanks for your kind words, much appreciate it.

Getting into the next chapter of your life career is always a risk… but it’s all good that you finally have your decision… :slight_smile:

Since you decided to turn it down, then good for you. There’s always a next time.

That was sort of my case. I’ve regretted for first 6 month at my new job…however w/ enough complaining and self action to resolve my complaints~ I am completely happy w/ the new job! However, I do miss working w/ talented group of people… I felt like a member of House (TV Drama). Everyday was fun and challenging…but now I’m getting my feet wet w/ dumb politics…

Moving jobs is always a risk, but it’s one of those “life” decisons we all make from time to time. Over the years I’ve seen many people “chasing the money” only to find they made a wrong decision, and often asking for their old jobs back.

Job security and satisfaction is usually worth many times more that money :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for your response, I decided to turn down the new job in the end. I wasnt sure I was moving to a better environment so am staying where I am for the moment until i find somewhere more appropriate. Which will give me those opportunities for collaboration and promotion opportunities.

Before you move, just be sure that the place you’re working with will give you that assistance you require and that the potential for promotion will be available (if that’s what you may want in the future). The main thing to worry about is going from a great place to one which fails your expectations and if you have any concerns over how much collaboration you’ll have and the work you’ll undertake - ensure that you resolve such issues and get clarification from the offset. Changing jobs may seem scary but it’s a fairly common event in employment so it’s not really a major issue. Leaving the old place on friendly grounds may even give you the opportunity to return in the future if perhaps further down the line you decide that your employment doesn’t really match your needs further down the line. :slight_smile:

Very true bluedreamer…especially when it comes to web development! I got into this business purely for passion, so best to follow my gut instinct really!


What i have learned from my life experience is that you should take a week leave from your current job, spend this week where you are hired now (new job), then decide where you should work. But one more suggestion try to stick with your field and current job, it always works.