How much can I sell my site for?

I am the owner of a popular baseball forum.

I have someone interested in buying the site but he wants me to tell him my asking price. How much do you think I can sell my site for?

Ranked #2 on google when you search “baseball forums”

I’ve attached traffic stats.

Thanks in advance.

per month how much income came from your site… then site keyword position in Google search engine which place display the dull detail… then you targeted keywords locally or globally?

Hard to say the worth of your website only from AWStats data. Rather post Google Analytics statistics, which is much more accurate.

It might be worth more to some SEO expert if you rank well on some good keywords.

300$ may be good for this.

how much u earn each month from Ur site? what the source?

If you have a large number of users - the best way to monitarize the site woudl be to add a paid classified section.

Not craiglists style as those ads are free. I run 3 of those sites.

Something like 68ads or this link following might be looked at although I don’t know anything about it.

Don’t do any free ads and don’t make them overly aggressive or you might lose some members.

One simple link or banner saying See our Classified ad section. and charge a reasonable amount $9.95 to $19.95 for a fairly long time like 90 days.

It’s all about traffic and if you have a lot of that - classified ads would be the best route in my opinion and also to make your site value higher as well.

I can’t make out your stats attachment when I download it.

How much revenue does the site bring in?

I have yet to really monetize the forum. There are a couple adsense ads but they really aren’t bringing in any significant amount of money.

I have yet to really monetize the forum.

Then you can’t expect a lot of money for it. Biuyers don’t pay for popular, they pay for profit.

My one tip to the OP is this…

When buying/selling stuff the first person to name a price loses.

Tell him to make you an offer.

First try to montize your forum with Google adsense, Adbrite or Bidvertiser.
Or add related affiliate banner on your forum.

As anyone will buy it as how much money he will gain from that forum.

What kind of price are you looking for? For example, .05 cents / visitor / month = $450.
IS that in your range? Your domain name is good…

You can check your site worth online visiting some sites like websiteoutlook or any other. It shows you site traffic, backlinks, popularity and how worth it is.

If you’re looking for a ballpark answer, I’d say you could earn $600+ for your website. I think that if someone monetized your site better they could earn in the high $XX, maybe low $xxx per month. You’re traffic seems very steady, and I think with a good CMP program that could happen. I think it’s got potential, and if you stuck with it I think you could sell it for a lot more. But if you’re starting to lose the itch, I understand. Good luck with the sale whenever that happens!

You will need to have a monetization plan already in place before you sell it through a broker. Sometimes you can try to sell it on your own also through a site where you just list your site but most buyers will want to see profit numbers before they buy.

Not a lot really.
With no real revenue not many people will be interested. You have a semi-decent amount of visitors for that kind of site. Maybe looow hundreds but that’s just a wild guess.

Monthly Revenue * 18 (1 1/2 years) with “potential factors” for instance, is the site gaining traffic, losing traffic, what’s the target future market looking like. The equation doesn’t always work and people use variations of it

I would say at least a grand.

Lot of precious content on there, page rank of 3, and good flow of organic traffic.

It also depends on how much money you make monthly. If you make decent money website could be worth more.

I will go straight to my suggestion of price.

I will recommend you to sell it for $400

That is what i think it`s worth.