How do I know what my large forum is worth?

Due to my career and family, I do not have time for running my large forum anymore. I want to be well positioned for a sale. How do I get a ballpark figure of what my site is worth?
I rather not disclose the site, but here are some stats
Members: 50,000
Threads: 203,000
Posts: 4,561,000
9,000,000 (9 million) page views in the last 3 months, 203,000 unique visitors for the same period.

I could sense that you are earning well from your site and its a shame that you would just sell it. Anyway, I suggest sell it for your 6 months worth of earnings, that would be easy cash.

Do you have ads? A common estimate is one year worth of ad revenue minus expenses.

Those are impressive figures, but buyers are likely more interested in the profit they can make from the site rather than the number of members you’ve got. To that end, if you’re already making a profit it would be advantageous as you could go by the profit multiples that similar sites have sold for. I’ve got a detailed article on Sitepoint discussing valuation methods and a [URL=“”]shorter version of that article on my forums.

If you aren’t already in the black then you may be better off partnering with someone who can assist you with suggesting monetising methods and with the drawing up of a credible profit projection. Bear in mind that a projection is never considered as solid as proof of historical earnings.