How many h1 tags on a page?

How many h1 tags should a page have? Isn’t it just one?

I just finished coding a page and the logo in the header uses image replacement to replace the name of the company enclosed in an h1 tag. So if a page should have only one h1 tag then the content should not have any h1 tags.

In that case should I customize every h1 tag text (in the logo) to reflect the page content?

So id a page is about ‘product X’ the the title will be something like ‘Company Name - Product X’. Or should just use ‘Product X’. Note that the page has a title meta tag as well where I can use the name of the company.

What is the relate between the title meta tage and the h1 tag in the content?


I would say just one. Then you would move to H2

So the h1 tag in the logo (in the header) would be the only one and I would not have any in the content? It makes sense but feels weird.

I use Wordpress so I would only use h2 tags (and lower) for all the content I add.

I would have to use some SEO plugin to custom programming to be able to modify the page title for each page.

Normally, an H1 tag would be the main title for the content, and would be for a unique title, not a logo. I don’t think there is a huge difference between h1 and h2 in terms of SEO. Overall, I wouldn’t worry too much about this. It is one factor of hundreds.


I’ve heard that using too many <h1> tags on a single page will get you sandboxed by the big G.

I’m working on a site and currently the most <h1> tags I’ll have on any given page is 3. Think that’ll hurt me?

Also, what are the rules for <h2>, <h3> and so on? I’m using… about 7 <h3> tags right now, wondering if I should just make them .style2 .style3 div’s instead.

Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t think that Google would penalise you for using too many <h1>s, but what it would likely do is to look at how you’ve used the heading elements and decide whether it can trust them to be key headings. If you’ve got six <h1>s and they each have two or three sentences, Daddy G is going to think “this person doesn’t know what an <h1> is, I’ll just treat them all as <p>s”, and so it will just read the page as text without paying attention to how it has been marked up. Whereas if you have just two or three <h1>s and they’re all brief, just a few words in each, that may not be exactly best practice but it does at least look like you know what you’re doing with top-level headings, so Google will pay attention to the fact that those words are marked up as headings.

The rules for <h2>, <h3> and so on are to use exactly as many as you need, no more and no fewer. You shouldn’t overuse headings at any level, but if the text you are marking up counts as a heading, mark it as a heading. If you’ve got a long article that breaks down into seven sections then having seven subheadings is absolutely fine. If you’ve got a front page with seven article headlines and teasers, it’s fine to put the headlines in as subheadings, that’s entirely appropriate.


What do you suggest for the logo Stevie? I see a lot of different opinions about that. I’m not using a <h1>, just an anchor

Just for fun, I used for around 5 months around 6 <h1> in one page (blog)
and noting important happened. No huge gain in ranks and no penalties from Google.
So I believe the <h1> importance it’s overestimated.

It’s better to use one H1 tag in the Page.

H1 Tag Should be only one to the most important title or keyword of the page. Then you can place H2 tags to secondary or sub title keyword.

Yes better to use single H1 tag which will be your main heading. You can use bold font into your content. I think your page should not looks over optimized.

It’s a tricky one. With the new elements available in HTML5, it will be a whole lot easier, but in HTML4, you’re going to have to compromise. More often than not, I do include the logo/site branding in the <h1>, but I don’t particularly like doing it.

Am i doing something wrong by only using anchors for it? I.o.w.:

<div id="header">
<div class="logo"><a href="#" title="#">Homepage</a></div>

Or is this okay?

H1 tag should not use more then once if you need to highlight your keyword more then once in your page then the best option for you will be use keyword in bold tags or other Header tags.

The best bsuited technique is that omly one H1 tag is good according to searching strategy .because google crawler concetrate on h1 tag at a time.when we have add more than on H1 tag .It may be less priorty according to crawling stratgy.

In my SEO experience we have use more 5 h1 tag in home page. h1 tag most effective for Google search engine. one more idea using your H1 tag your targeted keywords… this is one of the best way of optimize your keywords.

according to me its depending on your website them… if your website look natural with 2 h1 tags then its doesn’t matter…

Only one should be used on a page, according to an accessibility workshop I attended.

h1 is the main topic for any given page. So it’s probably best to use only 1 <h1> per page. Don’t try to use more than that.

I think the main problem with using many H1’s is diluting your keywords.

The most common structure for big name sites is:
For some reason people use many H2 tags.

Good luck and remember PR is more important. A PR-4 site which mentions “keyword” once will out perform a PR-0 site with “KEYWORD” mentioned all over including title and meta tags.

I’m a ninja SEOptimizer and this is only what I’ve concluded due to my research.