How many character to use for H1 tag?

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Can anyone suggest/guide me for H1 tag criteria?
Actually i am new in SEO field and i want to know about all onpage criteria. But first of all I eager to know how to use H1 tag design and its benefits.

Think back to your high school essays, where you gave a title to each piece of work. That’s your h1. :smile:

Think of the title of your favorite novel or short story. That’s your h1.

Think of the title of your favorite move. That’s your h1.

Look at the main title of any blog post. That’s your h1.

Pretty simple, really. :slight_smile:

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To reiterate on what Ralph said, I think of h tags as what my school years called “outline” eg.
Main topic = h1
Sub category = h2
something under the h2 category = h3
Something major but not in sub category 1 = sub category 2
etc. etc.

I think there is no strict rule in this. It would be better if you use a title which is more than five words. But the important thing to be noticed is that, the title should match with the content described below the heading.

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Please can you explain why you think that? Surely if three words are enough to sum up your content nicely, it’s better to use just those three words than to add extra words just for the sake of it?

I think 2-3 word use h1 tag.

Again, why? Why do you think that? Is that just your opinion, or based on something you read?

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see, H1 should be the most important title on your page. What you most times see is that you’re using H2 and H3 for listings or other headings on the rest of the page.

Thanks sir to given useful ideas about H1 category and sub category.

Actually there is no rule for adding number of words in your title… but it would be nice to make it bit lengthy and catchy so that the readers find it more interesting. Actually i use to make my blog title bit lengthy…and i think its an easier way t grab the attention of readers.

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