How many heading tags in a site?

As i know Google consider only h1 and h2 tags among the heading tags. My doubt is that how many h1 and h2 tags can use in a webpage in SEO aspect? Will using too many tags in h1 and h2 make the site keyword stuffed?

Think in terms of good content rather than how many headings, keywords and other junk you can stuff in the page. More than one H1 is illogical, so that should be a good guide to how many to use. :wink:

And the best number of H2s is the number that are needed in the content. :slight_smile:

There can be many heading tags in a site.

<h1> must be 1
<h2> must be 1
<h3> should be 2-3
<h4> to <h6> can be more…

<h1> tag should use only 1 time in a page…
<h2>tag depends on the content
<h5>and<h6>tags should use in footer…

There is no reason to limit yourself to one <h2> element on each page. Headings should be used to define sections, so if you have more than one section then you’ll probably want to have more than one <h2>. If not, then you’re quite likely not using the headings in the right way.

<H1> tag is most imp tag. It shows that these are the most strong keywords.

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Thank You ralph.m. Me too dont want to make my site stuffed with too many heading tags. One of my client site is having too many h2 tags. I was confused thinking whether i should remove it or keep it.

Sorry, Are you sure?

I too agree that h1 is the most important tag.
But much we can believe the mentioned post.?? Am confused…

hi william michael…<h1> tag in a page can only be used for 1 time…if we repeat 2 0r 3 times it disturbs the keyword concentration…you can check in a link which you have sent
Your website should have only one <H1> tag. If you have more than one <H1> tag on a webpage, modify the other <H1> tags to an H2 or H3.

No-one has ever said anything different. The whole point about <h1> is that it is the most important heading. What I was disputing were the arbitrary limits you were suggesting for other heading tags, in particular that people should only use one <h2>, which is nonsense.

Basically we are Using H1 tag for the title,and H2 tag is depends on which type of content is that.

A page should never be long enough to warrant using H5 and H6 tags - so for optimisation purposes, the H tags you will use are H1 to H4.

When using header tags correctly, after the H1 tag, the next header element used should be the H2 - Don’t ever jump from H1 to H3- The search engine spiders need to see a natural progression down the page. That doesn’t mean you cannot have more than one H2 tag; there is no issue if the progression goes H1, H2, H2, H3, H3, H4. Simply use the headings to separate subjects related to the importance of the information, as you would naturally do when writing any information page:

Thank you.