Hi all,

Say my small company sells 3 products, A, B & C. At the moment these three are listed on a single page titled ‘products’. I think for SEO I should put each of A, B & C into h1 tags, so is it ok for me to have about 4 h1 headings on the same page or would it be better to have only one h1 heading per page and give each of A, B & C their own page?


Definitely only one h1 per page. It’s bad karma to have more than one… unless you are using HTML5 (which is a bit premature at this stage).

Anyhow, there’s a lot more to SEO than H1s. Probably better to feature one product per page, unless they are basically the same.

I probably should not help with SEO, because I utter the word as if I have something dirty in my mouth… But anyhow, from what I understand, it is better to choose something more descriptive for your titles, as they do carry a lot of weight with search engines. So, instead of ‘Company Profile’, either use ‘[Company Name] Profile’ or perhaps something that includes a few simple keywords about what the company specializes in.

OK thanks. Is it ok to have page titles and h1 headings like ‘company profile’ , ‘portfolio’, ‘testimonials’, ‘blog’ - ie that are not helping with SEO or should I try to change these to something helpful to SEO eg by incorporating some keywords?

Thank you :slight_smile: