How long after you submit your site to Alexa is it ranked?

Dors it take several months?

i think similar web is becoming more relevant. i see more and more posts about it.

I’ve never paid much heed to Alexa, so unfortunately I can’t answer the OP’s question.

I’ve also never used SimilarWeb, but from what I can see, they offer less information free of charge than Alexa does, and their paid packages cost twenty times as much as Alexa. So I’d think their results would need to be vastly more relevant for anybody to consider switching.


with similar web, from what i’ve seen it could take a few days until they index it. it find it also more user friendly (but everyone have different taste).

I think it is totally depend on quality and unique content of your website.

So which one ranks faster, good or poor content? And why?

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I only asked about Alexa not Similar Web.

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