How is the best content title

I have a website a bout law firm.

I want to write a post about Law firm in Vietnam?

How is the best content which i must to set up?

Whatever you write, write it clearly and concisely. Keep in mind the visitors you wish to attract to your site, and write in a way which will appeal to them.

Forget about search engines, SEO, link dropping and other nonsense. Write for your human audience.

For that you have to write an attractive title from which user will be turn toward to your website. and it should be simple so that it can easily searched

To complete a question for me. I am a SEO (search engine optimization) expert. What would be the best title and paragraph headings?
1- Including intermediate spaces should not exceed seventy characters!
2- Association in general should make your page thread!
3- The most relevant should include a keyword to your topic
Very short and concise.

A clear title and a precise title which in just one line talks about the whole article or site.

The simple thing is to make your content interesting that will make the reader to read the entire piece of content and of course you have to stay on the topic all the times.