How to write good content for the web


before writing on any topic, please ensure to write at least 10 main points explaining well to the topic and later on just make explanation of each points. Isn’t it ?

Ranjan Jha

create a unique content with right keyword density. Always don’t use the duplicate content


That is definitely a start! Proper grammar would be ideal if targeting US visitors, I know I hate reading things that don’t make sense.

Develop an abstract structure for any content like Problem definition, expected result, state of the art, current technique, discussion on results, and conclusions. This structure will help you collecting research the points.

Good point. This makes your content unique and valuable, drives backlinks.

My dear friends, all of you have added nice elements. One more thing I would like to add that the content should be problem-solving in nature that improves the quality of readers. Agree or not ?

you mat visit the Google for the topics here and to have a good answer it is the best option and stuff, however i think good grammar skills is one of the best options

Forget about the writing first teach people how to set up.

yes you are right thanks ,if they don’t know only what to write then how will they implement the content and matter so you are right

Thanks dear, but the question remains unsolved “how to write” or how to improve the quality of content ?

Before writing a good content, you should know your readers first. If they are happy with your articles or blog post before. See to it that it has a unique content which stands out from the crowd. Make sure your writings is scannable because most users read online by scanning some pages or phrases only. The ideal length of post I think is at least 250 words.

Best content has informational value (which also includes the subjective blog posts speaking about the author’s emotions and feelings, because they make a sustainable statement).
A few qualities of style I find most important for web content writing:

  • clarity
  • concision
  • acuracy
  • readability
  • relevance to the subject
    The logical structure of the content depends on the type of subject covered (exposition, argumentation, narration etc)
    Always think about the public you are writing for and try to make the reading easy and keep the interest high.
    Of course, keyword optimization of the written content has to be kept in mind.