How I can increase my social media presence?

I am just turning to social media and I want to learn it How to use social media efficiently to increase business sale. I have list of people that are just wasting time on social media just for enjoyment. I am not one of them. I want to learn it?

How I can increase my social media presence?

I have ready many videos but didn’t found perfectly. Then I decided to move on community. My friend advice me to join sitepoint and few other good forums for this purpose. He told me here are expert people answer your all problems. So I joined it.

Now I want to learn How i can increase my social Media presences?

To increase your social media presence you have to share useful and valuable content. You have to make sure that your Facebook posts and Linked in comments have some valuable and useful content. You need to keep on interacting with your fans and followers and even you need to follow them and participate in their conversations.

To increase your social media presence you have to be very frequent in your posts and its timing. when i say timing it means you have to choose the right time when you can focus on your targeted audience. suppose you are in India and you want to target the audience living in Sacramento then first you have to check out the time difference and second you have to check out the ideal place when your post can be read by more people. the ideal timing for posting is morning 10-11 AM, Afternoon, 1-3 PM and late night.

I hope this will help you.

The key is Relationship Marketing and that’s the heart of Social Media business. You need to build rapport with people by regular engagement. Post something interesting and update your page from time to time. Posting every 3 hours is considered ideal. Get involve with other people’s pages, especially your loyal followers. Join groups that are related to your niche.

  1. Frame things properly. Frame your content to entertain your audience but give nothing away. And actually, don’t frame it for your audience, since they already like you, but for their friends.

  2. Headlines FTW. The headline is the most important thing in your arsenal. If you fail there, there’s no hope on the rest. If your boss isn’t letting you spend 30 minutes on a piece of content’s headline, instead of an extra 30 minutes on the third paragraph, you will lose.

  3. Visuals matter. Secondarily, but just as important are your share images from your site. Optimize your site to have good ones, not your logo. No one cares about your logo.

  4. Share awesome and DIVERSE content. Don’t just share your stuff, share other people’s things too. The more they trust you as an aggregator of multiple points of view, the more they will like you in the future.

  5. Communicate with your audience in a way that makes them want to come back regularly. If your boss doesn’t want to spend the resources to have someone on it full time, let them know they are dumb. 95% of our traffic comes directly from Facebook.

  6. A/B Test as much as possible. You’ll be surprised how huge an impact a few words can make.

  7. Really optimize your site to make it easy to share things. Spend money on wherever your audience already lives, most likely Facebook like 95% of the universe.

Well, to increase social media present unless you are an active social media users. You have to set you specific game, how much time you spend for social networking. Keep new update and build the stronger relationship. Well, content is king as what many people said. But you know? When I post my awesome tips into social media network, I got a few like while a silly status such as “hello how are you today” have a lot of like. So, you have to understand about this thing. Social media strategy is art of interactive…

This is fact that people are not serious on social media. They don’t read what we are sharing, they sharing useless comments. This is reason that social media is not effective. I don’t know how to contact target traffic?

I am trying to update my status on time and sharing useful info for social media users. I want to increase it more and more

Yeah, as you said some of the people are spending time on social media sites for enjoyment. I think social media sites are the most useful source for business. Social media sites are the best source to get traffic on site. If you make thinking to make your business in social site then it would be a great decision. As you will get traffic through this sites, you can also promote your brand through socially.

Keep it up!

You can hire people on Fiverr (it’s more of a $5 gig site) or from (just if it’s a full time work as they focused in hiring full time jobs) to help you increase your social media presence. But, if you just wanted to do it on your own make sure your posts are of quality and it is valuable to the group/community. When you post, think of posting Q&A so people can interact with you and other people in the community.

Hey Buddy facebooka advertisement is effective? I just posting and sharing in Facebook but nerver done facebook advertisement.

Increasing social media presence is like getting much exposure over the internet.
And to gain more exposure, you have to get connected with a network of friends.
Since you’re talking about social media, why not post them on social networking sites.

I agree. It must be a two-way communication, have your audience’s voices be heard. Respond to their comments to let them know that you are a person also.

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