How to maintain social media presence?

How to maintain social media presence?
And what are the strategy to become effective that generate leads?

Surely social media is something where you need to be active though there are many online scheduling applications that can do the job for you but you should participate naturally so you can remain up to date and interact with your followers.

Define the guiding theme of your social media strategy - is it awareness? Sales? Loyalty? Stick to one overarching goal at a time, and switch it up as necessary. Evaluate where you are, where you want to go and what the returns will be along the way. Use analytics programs, social insights (likes, followers, comments), and social media-specific coupon codes to estimate your return on investment.

This is one of the toughest thing to do, but once you master the ways to maintain a strong social media presence, things will become more easy.
Consistency, dedicated, engagement etc are some of the things that determines the strength of your social media presence…

To generate leads first of all you need to read the minds of your customers, what they actually like. Once you come to know their interest, Share same thing and I am sure this strategy will work.

What problems are you solving for potential customers? What are your potential customers searching for? Providing answers to these questions is a good place to start. Also, find out what your competitors are doing on the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc…). Are there niche social networks that are relevant for your market/product/industry? Social is definitely not about about sell, sell, sell… it’s more about being relevant in your market and gaining respect/trust.

If you get interact with your clients will definitely generate leads to you. Indirectly it was beneficial for you also because if you are interacting regularly then you know about their interest & what kind of products they prefer to use of your brand or of other brand & this may allows you to improve your services too.

You must have to be active everyday to make sure that your social media is present and up to date. You must have to participate always with an honest thought.

Make a plan, say you will work on social sites for an hour(s) daily/alternate days or weekly, whatever suits you and then stick to that further more for good relationship and impression let your friends/circles know if you are going for vacations and will not be in contact with them via social media.

we add different social media sites. We always contact with people. Every where participate in discussion and reply them. We can fallow peoples.

The only way is getting people’s attention on your social media is to post regularly and quality. For twitter, tweet daily and for Facebook post interesting content and make as many friends as you can.

Yes, quality discussions matter most in social communities. You should be regular and sincere, honest in your opinion. Always there to help others, taking part in your niche subject. Your regularity and sincerity will pay definitely.

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You all of know social media presence, its all about the branding over various social platform…we have to make presences of our brand online and target our audience related to our brand. We have to engage our audience to share some informatics and promotional offer details on social media site.

Now a days Facebook, linked-in, Google plus and twitter is most popular social media sites, we can build our business presence over these platform.


Feed comments, likes to your friends daily posting and update some ethical posting regularly.

That’s quite ambiguous. How do you define ‘ethical posting’?

I mean to say that some people are posting content in their wall like spamming to provide same content regularly and with links. I think so, but I have not enough idea on this.

I never tried to use the linked-in. How was it? It is easy to use? Thanks in advance.

Authenticated and unique postings along with a pleasant communication approachability are the chief factors that are essential for gaining and maintaining a firm presence in social media.

Linkedin is very popular business networking website , you can make your business profile over there and you can make a network or add friends as per your interest. You can also make a group or you can join discussion in any group.

Create FB and Google+ pages and add content regularly. Put a link on your sites and invite your friends. Eventually, the rest will follow.