How Do You Pick A Domain Name In A Vary Competitive Market

I’ve got a great cpa offer that I’m trying to pick domain name
for with some high searched for keywords with low competition.

I know for seo I need to have the keyword in the domain but
what domain name search tools are pretty good for doing this.

You don’t have to have the keyword in the domain. It just helps. If you can’t find a good name for the niche, think of synonyms. is good for buying domains, but its hard to find a good price. I just spend hours search, or buy and old site or use a thesaurus and try and find different words.

I know for seo I need to have the keyword in the domain but
what domain name search tools are pretty good for doing this.

I’d rather not focus on that alone, or if you do, stick to 1-2 keywords. Long domain names are hard to remember, and unless you plan to create one of those (rather spammy) autoblogging sites where repeat visitors and establishing a brand are not part of the goals, I wouldn’t keyword stuff the domain name.

Deciding on your brand domain and what to have as your online identity can be a difficult decision. Generally users avoid using hyphens in their domain names. This is obviously a personal preference, but sometimes hyphenated names are more difficult to remember.

Whats software or website do you guys use to find the domain names.

great…synonyms…this is a Search Engine world of English…synonyms is a very good choice, Spider is smart enough to index them.
As the IBM Press info, there’s big difference between English and other languages in Search Engine.
Btw, your promotion strategy is more important then a domain name

Well, what I actually do sometimes is just to use google adwords and find the most searched keywords and make some of my own versions of domain names and try it in godaddy if the domain is not yet taken. Pretty simple but it helps.

I agree with the previous poster, and also I would just make sure that it describes the product or service that you are offering at your site. Usually, even if it is a keyword with only 1,000 searches per month even for the phrase you are targeting, you can still do well with it over time if you continue to target that keyword and similar ones. It will grow over time.

My personal opinion: stick with a keyword domain name, they ALWAYS do better on search engines and help with search engine optimization. Don’t use a tool to find it, use your imagination. There are countless variations possible. Once you have a list of a few that are available, check how many searches there are for each on Google. Pick the one with most searches. (Common sense doesn’t help in this case. In few instances I picked a domain name I liked less because it had more searches.)
To inspire you, ONCE I picked a terrific keyword domain name. The day after the Website was uploaded it had 70 visitors only because of the domain name. It’s a keyword domain name and a lengthy one at that. The Website is now 7 years old and going strong.

I believe if you are not domainer that is really hard task to do.
Better create your new domain name and promote making your web site more popular.