Creative domain naming

With it becoming harder to get good domains, I’m running out of ‘try this’ ideas for ‘the’, ‘online’, ‘365’ etc pre- and suffixes to add to the desired-but-unavailable name.

So, I’m keen to hear what others do to arrive at something satisfactory.

I use synonyms or related terms, I think search engine now semantic more and more and lexical environement, so they (google obviously) can show sites optimized for synonym/related terms when someone is looking for a specific term.

But otherwise I have many ideas when it comes to domain name finding, it’s something I like doing, result is I have way more ideas/domains (non parked, totally useless) than I had motivation to build websites.

>way more … than I had motivation to build websites.

Yeah, been there too - often taking on more than I can handle. And, in recent years, I’ve been unable to find the people with whom to partner to develop.

I haven’t been looking for people to partner with, in fact I have about half a dozen friends (IRL) who also do websites to earn online, we check on each other, sometimes make links, but don’t do project together.
My main problem is with human relationship in the business, I am so happy to have removed any need for a boss or customers in my daily life that I’m reluctant to find a partner. I know it would help in order to produce more income and do larger projects, but the trade-off would be increased communication and probably headaches, as soon as something goes wrong either on my part or his/her.

What I have done to counter-attack my lazyness is to build multi-users sites where members produce the content in exchange for a share of the ad revenue and backlinks to their own web properties, that works quite well so that my role is limited to monitoring the content submitted, validating new members and sometimes using my site to submit my own content. If a problem arises with one member I don’t have to deal with it, I simply ban the member and the problem is solved, you can’t do that so quickly with a partner, especially if he’s also a friend, so that’s why I would think twice before doing a partnership :slight_smile:

Last example of domain name finding, I wanted the keyword BEST and REVIEW, but all I could find was already taken, so instead of REVIEW I took REVIEWER and in the body of the site I use REVIEW more often than reviewer, so that google knows that my site is related to reviews, that works ok, but I’ve spent quite some time on this domain because I really wanted those two keywords, but all I’ve found was taken. And still it’s the first time I settle for a domain name with a hyphen where I can’t buy the non-hyphen domain as well. So I wasn’t exactly happy about this domain name, but at some point you have to move on and actually build the site.

I have been in your situation and it really is hard to pick a good domain name. When you have something in your mind it seems that it has already been used. I also use synonyms or related terms just like JameColin…

Try this tool:

Or see a list of tools here:

I believe only time will indicate how creative or non creative you was. I always change my opinion regarding domain names I own.

Thanks - there’s some stuff there I hadn’t seen.

There are so many…The best way is to use a thesaurus. Some I use are below…