Did you practice write before you started blogging?


I was wondering how many bloggers here practice writing before getting into blogging? Because 2x before i tried starting a blog but failed I started writing guides and tutorials for the past year to help me with blogging.

topic and idea:)

Learning how to write well is a long and difficult process. Blogging can really help, but it’s public. I say, write your blog posts ahead of time. Revise them. Give them to a friend to read. Treat them like you would any other writing for publication. Blogging might seem informal, but if your name is going on it, quality matters.

In my part, it’s really hard especially if its not your first language. That’s why I keep on reading English words, watching English movies or TV shows to improve my grammar. :smiley:

If its only my first language for sure it would be easy to write a good article…

maybe i can give your tips :

  1. found unique topic
  2. idea
  3. do not be shy to ask
  4. don’t give up

I sometimes work on practicing my own writing when I have some spare time. But what I have noticed is that you get better the more you write content.

A good comment made above, was giving your work to a friend to review - that is some good advice and I tend to do this sometimes as well.

It also helps to read a lot. The more you read, the better you write. Good luck!

idea is very expensive

very good advice. sometimes I do some of these, sometimes I don’t.

Well, I did not practice and i do not think it is important to do practice to write or post on blogs but you have good command on your language which you are using for blogging.

I see it the other way around—blogging to practice writing. I like the advice given above.

Learn as you go I suppose, I used to write like a 3 year old when I first started blogging, now I write like an 8 year old.

No I haven’t. But I think I’m improving my writing along the way.

I dont practice writing. I think I have too much writing in college.

topic adn idea

Yes . I have to get practice for selecting blog topics and how to write about it? If you have the ability to write then there is no need of practice.

Getting idea and topics are mre important than practicing…I guess you should read more and have a good knowledge of subject before starting a blog…


I think its always necessary for one to think first about what topic will he be going to write and the make a draft and after that he should place himself in the users place and should check it whether its worth reading or not and also write on those topics which are more interesting to read and can be easily readable.

Very few, still i m not having writing habit.

or you can be like me and have people post comments pointing out your mistakes. Then just do not make those mistakes in writing again. That is actually how I learned. LOL sounds crazy i know. The internet can be brutal if you start to misspell stuff or use improper grammar.