How do i start a web page and apply html code on it?

I learned some html basics. I do it on my android tablet. Does someone know is there any way to start a free web page and how to apply html code on it?

Hi Ivan. In my experience, tablets kind of suck for this kind of thing—at least Apple ones. There are some web design apps for tablets, but I haven’t had much luck with them.

So one option would be to sign up for one of the many online services that allow you to set up a free website, such as Weebly, Yola or Google Sites (there are tons more, though).

It’s easier to play around with web design on a desktop or laptop computer. You can build a whole site and test it “locally” (that is, on your computer rather than over the web). Then you can upload it to the web later, if you wish.

Does anyone know which is the best on-line editor for practicing html? Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

Check out CodePen.

You could use an HTML editor - if youre on Android, like this one : . But its a pain on the tablet. But of course, if you attach a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to it, it would be easier. Just that there arent good programs to do that on a mobile platform.