How do i create a webpage and more using html

I was using a text editor and im not sure what to save it as Also how can i post a discussion q and a section using html Anything else i need to know**

Im on a android tablet

Go to main page of portal and read articles

I don’t think PHP is the place to start learning HTML and CSS @kocdilek1977. The HTML/CSS page would be a better place to start

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Sorry budd!
Tought op is asking to save result of editor, so he cant save with html/css.
I should add some more info.

If it helps, and this doesn’t sound like too much of a sales pitch, here are some of the best HTML editors for Android tablets.

Forgive me if I am making a wrong assumption, but if you are struggling with a task like ‘how to save my document?’, then maybe you should be learning the basics first.

Here is a link appropriately named Getting started with the web.

Here is a beginners guide to html and css. I have used this tutor myself for some of his other courses and he is a good teacher :slight_smile:


@andersonkirah9: I am closing this thread, as your HTML question has been answered, and I see you have started a duplicate thread for your Wordpress issue.

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