Starting of web design

I am very interested in web design. I know HTML a little bit. I want to know HTML widely. How can i learn HTML more?

Try searching the forums, because you’re not the first to ask this question and we have a number of useful threads. Have a look at this thread, which suggests some resources, and also links to other threads we’ve had on the subject:

And there is a wealth of material available at our sister site,

For HTML i would suggest you, w3schools. There you can learn so many things.

I’ve heard good things about:

It’s a free interactive tutorial site. Start with HTML, then CSS, then to JavaScript, then pick a serverside language.

Try starting a project of your own. Try to make a page similar to something you like, and learn how to do it. Research and learn. Only by practicing you can improve your skills.

I think you have to join institute of web designing , which is near by your location, because institute is effective and more knowledgeable among all other things.

learn by doing find a book called html in 10 minutes and css in 10 minutes

HTML is a very basic markup language.It requires a list of few HTML Commands that will give a perfect look to each of your web pages.Before starting your coding you must agree on an text editor such as Notepad And Wordpad. After installing an HTML editor and setting up a folder you can start creating your webpage

HTML has nothing to do with the appearance of your web pages; that’s achieved with CSS. If you’re trying to use HTML to control appearance, then you’re using it incorrectly.

I’m sure there are a few threads on here that outline the best steps to go forward, but this is what I did:

  1. Checked out a few online HTML courses, I found w3schools very helpful to teach me the basics.
  2. Enrolled on a college night course, having a tutor to explain the basics really helped
  3. Took this knowledge and researched it even more, building basic websites in Dreamweaver (found this helpful as it helped me to complete HTML, closing tags that I may of missed myself)
  4. Bought a few books from sitepoint and did more online tutorials and learnt A LOT about CSS and how to style my websites
  5. Used to start to learn different languages PHP, Javascript.

As I said I’m sure everyone has their input, this is just mine and I am still very much a beginner in this field

You just learn from through online.
The w3schools tutorial point is more helpfull for biginner.
w3schools also containing css,php and java script tutorials in easy to understand by biginners.
this is the best way to learn html and then design your website.

As I said the last time you recommended w3schools:

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