How do I get mailing list?

I want to promote my graphic, flash and web skills.
How do I get a mailing list of companies I can mail my proportionals out to?

Sites like is providing free mailing list. You can take out from that.

maybe you can try some yellow pages or white pages. You can find the emails of some customers there. And I think since they posted their email there, it means they are willing to receive letters from others.

Think of all the spam, email scams, chain letters, phishing attacks, fake info requests (etc). Now you know where all that spam comes from.

People who buy email lists full of active accounts to go fishing for peoples credit card details so they can steal your cash and use it to fund their activities. :slight_smile:

PS: The scary thing is, they make billions of dollars every year through email lists + scamming.

Thanks Alex and Rave. I’m going to stay away from buying a mailing list. I guess I just have to roll up my sleeves and start doing some old fashion searching and networking for clients.

Alex the comment you made about “supporting cyber terrorists and malware writers” is an eye opener. I did not know that.

Thanks again guys and gals!

I agree with Alex and would stay away from any kind of purchased email list if you were considering that. When it comes to regular mailing lists to send a direct mail piece to, Dcrux is right that you can buy all kinds of mailing lists, but unless you’re a great psychic - how do you identify people who may need your graphic, flash and web skills?

You can buy lists of brand new business owners in the hopes that setting up a website is something they want to do right away, but even so, I think this is where it helps to focus on a niche instead of trying to be everything to everyone.

I know you’ve done a website for a local gym where you used all your skills to produce a nice website - why not specialize in doing websites for independent gym owners? Talk to the guy you did the website for and ask him how to reach other gym owners like himself. Chances are there’s some industry organization he belongs to and you could probably rent their mailing list, or maybe there’s a website for gym owners that you could advertise with (something kind of like this here website/forum for web designers/developers?)

Years ago I owned a laser printer toner cartridge remanufacturing business and there was a group association I was a member of that mailed a magazine to all members and they had annual conventions and trade shows etc… This was back in the day before the internet and websites were popular, but if I wanted to sell anything to a business in the toner cartridge industry, you advertised in the magazine we all received (or rented their mailing list so you could mail to us)


Another Designer: I honestly wouldn’t dare buy an email list for marketing from anywhere, there’s far too many people buying up lists of people and reselling them illegally which could place you into hot water (sending emails for which you gained from a purchased mailing list in some circumstances is not only a violation of anti-spam laws but you could well be funding cyber terrorists or malware writers). If you want to find businesses, visit their websites, learn about their business and then approach them on a one-to-one level, you’ll get more responses than if you offer a canned spam response. :slight_smile:

OH MY MISTAKE! I mean to write the word Promotional.
A list broker eh? Hmm…

How do I get a mailing list of companies I can mail my proportionals out to?

If you’re going to call them proportionals, then nobody. With well written marketing materials, you go to a list broker.

Should you find a good list broker, you’ll count him or her among your most valued business partners.

However, another route is to sell something or trade in exchange for contact details. Could be an information product. Could be a newsletter. Generate your own list. That way, you can refine your copywriting skills. Test out and prove a winning mail package. Then go to lists.