How I get quality followers in Twitter

This is probably no big surprise to anyone - but this is how I get “targeted traffic” in FB and Twitter.

Both sites in the upper right hand corner has a search box. For an example - if you had a website selling red widgets - type in “red widgets” in the search box. There will be groups that come up as results. Go into each group. Sometimes, one group may have thousands of followers. Just click on followers and start following ppl.

In return, I would say about 10% (not really sure about that figure) will follow you back. Once you get to your “magic number of followers” - that’s when you can simply put quality posts up - maybe an article about red widgets. You may post another URL to a youtube video about red widgets. Make sure none of these links are affiliated w/ you. This is to show ppl that you aren’t a spammer.

Every now and then - put a link back to your site like - an article on red widgets - then you may get some high CTR.

That’s how I play the game. I’m averaging around 15% CTR from Twitter (to my site) everytime I make a post.

I’m not much of a Facebook guy but I do use Twitter a lot.

“Targeted traffic” is the key phrase here. I like using a service like What the Trend, see what topics are trending then using those hash tags in my tweets to get noticed. Having said that, that does not really give you the targeted traffic. It will get you followers on a pretty regular basis but I find that more than half of the people that follow you do not have quality Tweets.

I like the “search and follow” technique and am going to give that a try. I’ve got twice as many followees and I do followers so I need to work on that. Targeted still the big thing here. I’m constantly unfollowing Tweeters that don’t interest me and just fill up my feed with crummy stuff.

Yes, Its really hard to judge who are the followers which are genuine, as most of them will not be interested in following us. so its always better to look out for Genuine followers.

Thanks to share great article people still far on twitter on facebook

Twitter followers have the same interest and audience you are aiming for your product or service. Try hash tags!

I hear people add others to follow, then after time, if they don’t follow them back, then they drop them. But maybe do some good tweets on your key subjects, and others will pick you up and follow you anyway.

Just follow others and they will follow you in return. Try to use auto-following tool.

well, these days many auto follow tool or twitter or FB. Basically you need to read their profile and decide…

There are no straight forward answer.

Follow some from your site related niche, then you can get more followers .

What i did is to create good content on my twitter posts.

Good post ,

I agree with you about the twitter :slight_smile:

Twellow is a Twitter yellowpages filled with every imaginable category. I like to use it to find targeted followers. The find people are on Twitter is pretty limited. My username is still yet to show up on Twitter even though Ive been a member for 7 months. Using that thinking the people to follow using the Twitter search will be older members. Twellow does not seem to have that issue and you will find a large amount of people to fit your audience.

want to get qulity followers too!

I follow people on twitter that are already following same products on other site. After follow many of them also follow me.