What is best hosting for niche site?

I am looking for hosting that will be best for niche site for budget.

As per my understanding you are talking about hosting providers such as: Godaddy, 1&1 etc. right?

Godaddy is a domain registrar - hosting is a minor side business to them that they don’t care much about as long as it helps them to lease out domains.

Have you worked out what kind of features the hosting needs to have, either now, or in the future? This would be one of the key things I’d want to understand, before I looked to identify a suitable provider.

Choosing Bluehost was the best decision I made for my website. A very worthy web hosting. I recommend using Bluehost for your niche sites, for several reasons – one of them being that they are a reputable company. It is flexible, easy to use and cheap.

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Unfortunately, with such a vague question, all you are likely to get is people suggesting their own favourite hosts, which may or may not be “best” for your circumstances.

SitePoint has a guide to choosing a hosting company which you should find helpful. If there’s anything in there you don’t understand, or you’d like to discuss, then please feel free to post here.

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Really? I was a bluehost customer for years but they refused to upgrade their PHP versions on their shared hosting. I want to say that even around PHP7 still being released, their highest PHP version was 5.4? That’s just terrible really. I switched to webhostingbuzz.com due to recommendations from others here and I honestly couldn’t be any happier with their support and how well they have supported me.

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To add to this topic - in addition to the guide shared by @TechnoBear here are a few good articles on SitePoint that can help you make your own choice based on your needs. It’s focused on WordPress hosting, but the same rules apply to any type of hosting:



Best of luck with your project! :smile:

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Hosting is not something that is so complicated. All you need to do is that
as your website runs faster, no risk of crashing, secure & it can
handle the growth of traffic. When it comes to choosing the best
hosting for niche sites without spending more money than you should

Shared hosting is perfectly fine when you’re just starting the niche
websites, also, you do not need to invest in expensive servers.
Simply, no need for Dedicated or VPS at that point. Opt for shared
hosting plans. If your niche website’s size is large, then you’ll
have three options such as Shared, VPS & Dedicated. Dedicated is
much more expensive than VPS hosting. VPS hosting would have cost
half of it.

I’m choosing dreamhost.

godaddy hosting is not good at this time.

for small sites you can opt for host24. my website is also hosted on their server and runs fine. But they wont be able to address concurrent traffic much (Depends on the package you take)

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