How do Google treat similar websites with same keywords?


Consider two different websites (I do not mean duplicate copy of similar sites or so) has the same keywords, density, same no.of backlinks and page rank as well. How do Google treat those two websites and which website does Google gives priority to? Do anyone plz clear my doubt…

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       That only the google secret .. i have a small idea ..may be Google have many sort of priority for each web portal types.


Many people have ideas and theories but in reality only Google know that.

Or put another way, if someone outside of Google did know they would be very rich!

There must be some difference between these sites.
Somewhere I read that Google loves sites with lots of text, more value gives to sites with text links,more value give to sites that have a lower “Bounce Rate” (see Google Analytics)…
These are just some things that you might help.

Google takes into account lots and lots and lots of factors when ranking pages. The chance of two pages coming out with exactly the same score for a given search query and user profile is very slim indeed! There will alwats be something that distinguishes them and leads Google to believe that one page will serve the user better than another.

maybe google will examine domain age. Older domain age should be the winner :smiley:

Well if they were exactly equal in all respects, but not duplicates of each other then they’d probably rank very close to each other.

Hard to imagine two websites being exactly equal in all respects yet not duplicates though, so I doubt the situation has ever arisen.

There is no chance to have 2 websites with same keywords, density, same no.of backlinks and page rank. If else It should be definitely a “copy cat”. And then Google will penalize the domain which is younger in age. for eg We all have same 2 hands, 10 fingers but the “finger prints” are different. Same like that google will have different stratergies to identitfy b/w those two sites.

Although that is a very good question, the parameters you mentioned, keywords, backlinks, pagerank, etc, are only a few of over 200 parameters that Google indexation algorithym takes into consideration. We only only know about a few of those and the rest are only guesses.
The best way, or maybe I should say the only way, to find out how Google manages the information is error - test experiements and reading blogs.


Domain age?? It is not the factor I think… Since I found some sites for certain keywords… Wherein same key phrases focused but domain age as you say… the one listed top is not older than the others listed below. More over its a new website release by 2008 / 2007 and so. The keywords / key phrase focused only remains in the site’s meta tag and optimized only twice not more than that. Is that the Meta tag matters??? Do Google considers meta tags??
what will be the reason that Google lists those sites up and similar othersites next to them???:confused:

Only Google can tell us exactly…

Well the quality of links would certainly be different and the time the sites have been in operation would also be a factor google would consider. The content of the sites would also help determine the rank. The site with the most unique content would do better than the other site.

SEOMoz published a ranking analysis/opinion piece a while back that I think answers this question the best:

Nobody know about this, It is totally depend on the Google.

Its not like that. I am sure one good secret behind it. But not aware what it is… Any one here who could find that golden secret for me. Whether it is based on the relevant use of <h1> / <meta> / anchor link / error free page / Website speed… Even all these factors are also same. How could Google prioritize them in a different manner. I am Confused…

Google considers over 200 factors when ranking websites in its search results. The chances of two pages getting exactly the same score across the 200 factors is absolutely tiny. Who knows, maybe when that happens, the googlecomputer just flips a coin to see which one goes at the top.

It doesn’t matter. There are bigger things to worry about.

Domain age is one factor. There are over 200 factors that Google takes into account. Nobody is saying that the oldest site will always rank at the top - what we are saying is that Google may consider that a long-standing site is a better bet than one that has only been going for a few months. But that’s only a might - it depends on so many other things as well.

Google looks at keyword density, meta tags and content - and at the same time the number and quality of back links.

Keyword Density - no
Meta Tags - no

The only meta tag Google takes notice of, that affects ranking, is the “robots” one.

(Note: i’m a purist - I don’t consider the TITLE tag or a LINK element like rel=“canonical” to be ‘meta tags’ - and they do affect ranking)