Why some very simple sites have a good ranking in google?

The content of these sites only a few
and for a long time not updated

It’s probably because they’ve received a number of backlinks from reputable sites and not link farms, directories, article directories or social media websites.

The common SEO line is “content is king”, but that’s only partially true. For a site to succeed there has to be a real demand, and Google are better than anybody here at seeing what sites have genuine backlinks and what sites are really sought after. You could fill a similar site full of content and spam it to hell with all of your SEO knowledge but it won’t make a dent in the original site because there is a demand for it.

In short, there is no silver bullet. If you want a popular website on Google then you need the best website in a subject with proven demand. End of.

It is not a trick to get the Google PR for a site. It is a systematic process of building content, backlinks and indexing etc. You may simple check the backlink for the site which will be propotional to the PR of the page.
It is more important to have a diversified efforts to get more backlinks from Google.

thanks for reply,
i give an example,i searched “polishing machine”,and i found the site “polishingmachine.org” in page 2,only have one page,i checked the backlinks of the site,the result is zero.so i had this question.
by the way,is org domain names easy to get good ranking?

Apart from content there are may other factors that contribute in making a website on the top.
If a website has excellent quality backlinks, it can outrank websites with good quality content.
In fact Social Media reputation of a websit matters a lot.

You cannot rely on the website’s content solely for high ranking, there are many other things to do.

It may also be an older site. Like Zorro said, you cant just base good rankings on content. They’re obviously doing stuff to their site that is proving highly effective. It all comes down to investing time into getting your website out there.

Older sites with good content rank well in Google even if they have a few links. Having a few links is not a problem but the links must be quality links so that our rankings in Google are up.

There Could Be Several Reasons for Good Rankings Like Domain age, Social Media Optimization and Back Links!!

because of their quality backlink in high pr websites and authority sites.

Also, if it’s little content, but it’s very targeted and unique, that can work quite well for their related keywords.

This might be the best answer

Might be it ranks well for less competition keyword.

Maybe the Site Age, plus backlinks from TLD’s… or maybe because of site branding.

Completely agree if the site have natural backlinks it shows its popularity and automatically increases its page rank and SERP.

What TLD you use isn’t relevant – with the exception of choosing country-specific domains for country-specific websites, such as .de for a German site – Google doesn’t give preferential treatment to any TLDs over any others.

That may be a good thing for you, perhaps?

A website doesn’t need to have a lot of content to rank at the top, just depends how nicely optimized the index page is, the domain name and the links involving the domain. It’s very likely that what you’re seeing on the top of first page is a niche with low amount of competition, if so, not enough money to sustain rankings or get the rankings on the first page.

But dude, you can definitely get one page sites in highly competitive keywords most of the time, all depends the links you’ve pointing to your website. Article marketing and .edu links will do quite nice for you.

sometimes it could be done due to low competition or better keyword placement in website like meta title or description.But you can not maintain that rank for long time if your website have low quality content or low quality backlinks.So better idea is to do focus on quality backlinks as well as quality content if you want to get rank high can to get benefit from your seo work for long long time.

Maybe this example would work for you:
If I say my name is adrian it is very easy for you to remember. So when asking you about my person the only thing you know is adrian.
Something like that is with searches. If a site has only one page it is very relevant to the content it has on it.
If there are more the content is diluating the relevance of the page

may be they have a good content
and there are a lot of visitors perfer to revisite the site again

I have a small question in my mind… Does Google count the click rate for specific page of a website or a blog that are coming from social media?