My ranking has significantly dropped after seoing my site - suggestions?

I am a newb to the forum and have searched it for an answer to my question.

I have had a website up for nearly 3 years now and has slowly been building some history and backlinks. I have redesigned my website a couple times in the past in efforts to try and make more sales and have not experienced this before.

I have found a particular term I am trying to rank for. I found a lot of errors in my website for ranking for this term and tried to seo my content and all the normal on-page seo stuff you’re supposed to do. I was ranking for a previous word before with this page but I had no traffic and because my niche has multiple terms for the same thing I decided to do a find/replace with this keyword with the term I now want to rank for. Plus, all the on-page seo I was missing.

I made sure my keyword is now in the title, description, meta-keywords, h1 tags, and in my content a few times where it makes sense to the reader. Also I have a few inbound links from my website to this page with the new keyword as the link text so the search engines get a heads up on what the content will be about. I also included a few new images with the keyword in the alt text and image name.

My Problem: - Before all this seo work I did for this keyword I was already ranking 164 in google for it. I have done this with another website of mine and I jumped 2/3 in ranking so I assumed I had a formula that will work. Instead, when I checked my ranking for this term on my newly seo’d site I was surprised to find I was not ranking at all for the keyword I seo’d for. Is it possible I could’ve over-corrected and google flagged my site. In fact, there’s a few imiportant terms I used to be ranking for that I am now not ranking at all.

What can I do to check for this and if so what can I do about getting my paged re-indexed for this term. If I did over correct how do I go back and balance it out correctly for on page seo for this term and tell google I’m not a bad website. Is it possible my density for the term is too high? I haven’t experienced this before with my websites.

Thanks for the help and sorry for the long explanation.

Things to consider:

  • Page load time
  • Keyword density
  • Sitemap

Seo is not a one-trick-pony. The ones who know it, rarely share it in full. With that being said, if any of those 3 things are wrong or messed up; it will hurt ranks. There is a lot more to it, but this should help you get an idea of where your site stands. Too much of a KW and it’s considered spam. I don’t think you have done that. I think you ultimately need more content. More pages targeting KWs and more secondary information. I counted one page on the site aside from the PATC (Privacy, About, Terms, Contact).

my mistake. the website listed is my signature. the website i’m talking about isn’t mentioned.

is there a keyword density analyzer I can use. I really just did all the recommended suggestions. I seo’d everything that should normally be seo. My keyword is on the page 10 times visually and about 20 times in the code.

how can I know for sure that google has penalized me for seoing my site too much too fast. I’m not sure what the threshold is.

If you have 500+ ‘other’ words, then you should be ok. Set up webtools. This is the best place to learn about Google and what your site needs.

One of the oldie-but-goodies (very mixed debate) is the DomainTools SEO Tool. Once you get the hang of that, it can become a very useful tool.

Your being given the wrong information. KEYWORD DENSITY DOES NOT EFFECT YOUR RANK!

Page load time is only a very weak ranking factor and submitting a site map will help get more of your pages indexed but won’t affect your ranking for a specific term.

You really shouldn’t panic. Sites with very weak backlink profiles can see huge rank fluctuation. You need to measure your rank over a much longer time frame and take an average. I work on a daily 30 day average.

Your problem is likely links. Work on getting high quality links to the pages that you want to rank while including your target term as the anchor text.

Page Rank and Rankings are 2 different things.

He stated ranking which is placement within searches. Example, rankings at 200k in Alexa. Keywords do matter, as well as links.

Rank is the trust factor given from search engines. Example PR4 means Page Rank of 4.

Please don’t try and educate me, I am fully aware of the difference between the two.

The guy is referring to ranking in the serps and your advice simply isn’t correct. Keyword density and submitting a site map will not improve your ranking in the SERP’s and anyone who has tested page load time will tell you that this has a very small impact.

You really shouldn’t give advice if you don’t know what you are talking about.

Also Alexa rank has absoluetly no influence on ranking in the serps. Complete non-sense!

I guess you just don’t read.

It is an example of a ranking rating. Like Google or Yahoo.

He asked why his rankings dropped, and you being fully educated on SERPs, should know that in fact each of what I listed matters. But what is amazing, is your ability to contort words.

I checked out your sig site. I don’t need to entertain this nonsense anymore. Best of luck to you all.

Alexa indicates a sites traffic (very badly) and NOTHING more.

As for the rest of what you said, back it up with some proof. Show me the correct keyword density and give any example where a site has increased rank for ANY term as a result of submitting a site map. Laughable!

I’ll pass. Have a great day.

So your not willing to back up your claims? Way to go!

Guys, cool down a bit please would you? Things are getting a bit too hot in here for my taste.

Thank you.

It’s important in a learning environment to get to the truth. People giving misleading advice simply isn’t going to help anyone.

Having said that I didn’t mean to be rude. I have been told more than once however that I am a little blunt :smiley: so apologies if that is the case.

It just infuriates me to read some of the advice given. Complete newbs who know no better could waste hours on techniques that simply won’t do anything for their ranking. Crafting the correct Keyword density is just one of them.

Lewis, I agree with you on the misleading info. However, your seo website does not show proper seo techniques.

You scream about misleading and your own website is far from seo’ed correctly. Most of my clients and those who know me, know that I have a very long history in seo and also in ‘proof’. Fake seo has become more than a virus and yet every day I see some new seo guy claiming the ‘latest greatest in seo’. Yet when I look at the site, I am fairly disappointed by the lack of ‘basic’ understanding on seo.

Fact remains, I would love nothing more than go back and forth on seo practices. But I don’t advertise seo services anymore, I personally stopped when the market got flooded with fakes. My sites get top rankings and eventually page ranks and I thought it would be considerate to ‘donate’ some info that is apparently needed for free. Pardon me if I made the ‘seo guy’ mad. I don’t work for you, I work for results. As they say “Proof is in the Pudding” and I’m not seeing Bill Cosby around here and I can see why.

It’s been fun.

All Very well and good but the simple fact remains.

  1. Keyword density is not a ranking factor.
  2. Sumbiting a site map will not drive rank for a specific term.

To imply otherwise is simply misleading.

My site that you are referring to is still in development. I have added the sig link before the site is finished because the back end is fully functioning and I have a quality product to sell.

I’m not an SEO anymore. I used to run a VERY successful agency that drove rank for my customers in HIGHLY competitive markets. For certain gambling related terms I own 70-80% of the top 10 positions and we are talking extremely competitive stuff.

As with most successful SEO’s however I now make more money running my own sites. I have sites that dominate gambling niches, Mobile telephone sales and travel.

Forgive me for putting up a link to a site that isn’t perfect from an SEO point of view but I have been under a lot of pressure from clients to start offering the links that I used as an SEO. Their success is far more important to me than impressing you.

  1. Keyword density is not a ranking factor.

It can be a penalization factor. That’s what’s relevant to the original post. His rankings went down, and he wants to know if he’s being penalized for using the same keyword too much. Apart from that, I’d agree you’re probably right that links are the real issue.

w3webpro, the only way we can really tell you if you have too many instances of the keyword on your page is if you put up a link to it.

Any keyword density in the range of 0%-100% is fine!


So if I put up a page to sell green widgets and my text looks something like:

green widgets green widgets widgets green very green widgets everywhere green green widgets widgets here green widgets

You’re saying I won’t be penalized for spamming?

Understand please, this is simply a request for clarification, not a criticism of your postulate.


I have a page of images on one of my sites. That page has a one word title and no other text. KWD = 100%. Those images are world class and attract links, that page ranks for that term.

There are hundreds of examples of sites with 0% KWD that rank. Adobe ranking for “click here” the most famous.

So KWD of anything between 0% and 100% is fine.

KWD is not therefor a usable metric and KWD of 100% is not necessarily spam. So NO, you won’t get penalized for spam based on KWD it will be based on your website being Spam.