How do designers check for mac compatability if they only use pc?

I have made an online forms site for one of my businesses, the problem is that mac/safari users claim they can not submit the form. so if you use only a PC, how do web designers make sure it works on macs also?

NOTE: The only thing i changed in the new online forms, is that i used css instead of tables, and i used labels before the input boxes.

Install Safari on your PC and you will likely be able to reproduce the problem.


I have IE 8, safari, and firefox on my PC, and it works correctly… 2 mac users told me it didnt work for them… both were using safari.

There is: though I’m not sure if you will get the mac safari or just the same windows version you can download and try for real. Not sure if there is a major rendering difference between the 2.

The other option is to post a link to the page in question and maybe a nice apple user will help you out.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Ben, nope there’s no Mac emulator on any of those particular solutions.

If the OP wants to test a function on Mac (especially if it’s script related) he’ll need to use a mac… perhaps go into your local Apple store if you have one and try it on their demo machines. If you ask nicely (or if there’s no-one watching!) you could probably get it checked over. :slight_smile:

With the iPad using a version of the Mac operating system and running safari it might be possible to test on a mac that way although it might be cheaper just to buy a second hand mac for testing.

You are aware that the iPad is NOT Mac OSX (as in the OS that Mac PC’s use) but the minimized version for the iPhone / iPod Touch right? The version of Safari and webkit which the device will end up using will simply be the mobile edition - just with a larger screen resolution. It’s no substitute for a Mac :slight_smile:

If the iPad takes off it could be yet another screen res and size combination to test on. I’ve yet to see any mention on how well it handles javascript heavy pages and the impact on battery life.

Back on topic, how much has Safari and Mac OS changed over the years? Would a cheap 5+ year old Mac do for testing?

Thanks for the replies, yes I think Ill probably just get a cheap used mac. I hope i dont end up liking mac over the pc. lol just joking. :slight_smile: thanks again for your advice etc.

I don’t build fixed width sized website designs (their a bad practice), so screen resolution and browser window size doesn’t affect me to a large extent. :slight_smile:

Yes im going to look into getting a used Mac.
But if any mac user has a minute, and they felt like looking at the form, I pasted the URL below… No need to fill any of the fields out, Just hit the submit button and see if it submits… The mac users that are complaining to me say that it wont submit.

Do web designers generally have two sets of web pages? one for mac users and another for PC users?

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