Safari Compatibility Testing


I have been using and Adobe BrowserLab for testing my sites on Multiple Browser Versions and operating systems. On both these sites a page running a bit of jQuery appears to be fine when running on Safari 5.1. Today though i got a friend to have a look at what i was working on. He checked it out on his Mac running Safari 5.1.1 and to my suprise jQuery doesnt seem to being implemented at all and all the hidden content is being displayed all at once.

So my question is how do other Windows users test for Mac compatibility? It’s annoying to think that i cant even trust saucelabs or browserlabs to be confident enough that my site will be working ok for everyone. Unless of course it’s just a random local problem with the machine my friend was looking at it on.


You can get Safari for Windows. I think it should be the same, but I’m not sure about that.


Can I ask how the site is delivered? i.e. Is the site online? I could imagine there being a possibility of your content being on your local machine and therefore the jquery isn’t loading.

The site looks the same to me in all Mac browsers, so it’s either working in all or broken in all … though I’m not sure how it’s supposed to look. But the logos near the footer certainly need fixing, as they sit over the top of text.

Ralph, what site are you testing?

Safari has windows version available so you can download and test your website but there is a bit difference between Windows Safari and Mac Safari.
I’m using browserlab and it’s giving me perfect results till now.

Can you get me URL and I’ll check it on my Mac and let you know…

Oops. Was looking at the site linked to in the first post. Didn’t read it properly. :blush:

Well I own a Mac, so that’s how I test for Mac compatibility. But I can also run windows on my mac, which is how I test in both. But browserlab should give you an accurate viewing of what the site will look like in Safari 5.1 on a mac. Have you got a link to the site, then we can test it ourselves…

Ah! No worries! I thought that maybe I has missed something!