In which browsers do you mandatorily test websites?


looking for advice. I test my all pages of my websites on apple products (iMac, macbook, ipad, iphone), in Mac 3 browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome). Well, I do my best. Sometimes I do a quick check in, but unfortunately it gives your cutted screenshots and you are not able to check the interaction, niether several pages and…hm, I’m not super happy with this solution.

Honestly, I dont really check how it all behaves on PC, specially for IE. I know I should :frowning: Kick me.

What are your best practices and how do you check browser compatibility?

Considering mac systems only account for about 8% of users you are getting a very slanted view of what things may look like :slight_smile:

What are your best practices and how do you check browser compatibility?

I have a PC set up with all the modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE11, Opera) and also an Imac with the latest versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome and until recently I also had parallels installed which allowed me run versions of IE on the mac for testing if the PC was out of action. If you don’t have a spare PC for testing then look at something like parallels for installing windows.

For older versions of IE I have a couple of old laptops with various things installed.

As a quick test for old versions of IE I use IEtester although it is very buggy but does render css with about 99% accuracy.

For testing ipads and iphones I use the mac simulator which is 99.9% accurate.

The latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

IE 8 (just to make sure nothing is seriously broken), IE9, IE10, IE11. IETester is my go-to tester, as Paul mentioned, but it can be quirky, so you may need to set up a virtual machine with the specific IE version in order to test properly.

An android phone with the stock browser.

An iPhone and iPad (if I can liberate one from someone).

If I need to be extremely thorough, I’ll throw Opera into the mix and find someone with a Mac to test Safari in a desktop/laptop scenario. However, the numbers for the visitors using these technologies tend to be pretty low.