How Can redesign Website

How to Redesign website with responsive . My Website is build in html.
Which language is best to get more traffic(Seo ) on my website . If we redesign our website site ranking fall or not webite is

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Your question about responsive design is very broad. I suggest you start by reading this article: If you then have any questions, or need help implementing the techniques on your own site, do post again.

It doesn’t matter. It is the content of your site which is important for SEO; it doesn’t matter if you build it using static HTML, PHP, ASP or whatever, provided your pages are correctly structured and coded.

Again, what matters for ranking is the content, so simply changing the design should have little or no effect. If you are making major changes to the structure of the site, then you might encounter a temporary drop in rankings afterwards, but there are steps you can take to reduce the effect.

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Language has nothing to do with optimizing your website for seo. You can choose any language you like. You can use PHP language, the development in PHP language is easy. But when redesigning your website keep the seo factors in mind. You can check this post for redesigning the website;

I will agree with all that has been said (how could I not?) but I would like to point out a few things

  • As @technobear said, design per se will not help your SEO and @technobear has given you a great starting point to responsive design.

There various ways design can help your SEO such as:

– Adding the right functionality and making the site (and any function that you add) easy to use. That’s one of the factors that will make your visitors hang around your site. More traffic helps your SEO

It is one factor, not the only factor

– The real traffic creator is killer content and the way that you show it, the way your phrase it (not boring, too technical), how easy is to find and how relevant it is.

In both cases, it means that you need to listen to your visitors and constantly adapt your site to what they want.

  • It doesn’t matter the language that you use because the final result, even in you use PHP, ASP, .NET, Ruby or even Javascript, will be HTML (and CSS for looks, of course). So it is not a question of language but a question of… how good are you at structuring your site?

There are various reasons to have a well structured website:
1- It is good for people with special needs
2- It is good for spiders who will crawl your site. They read like blind people do
3- A great structure will help with loading times and maintainance.

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Unless your page contains html errors, i don’t think a rebuild will help with ranking.

The most important element is ensuring that each page is optimized, including your name, meta keywords and meta description.

Have you signed up with google or bing webmaster tools?

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