Responsive web design

How to make responsive web designs and If I want to change designs so it is possible ?

Hello @attractivewebsolutio

Welcome to the forums. You will have to be a bit more specific in your question. You might as well ask how do I design a website! :unhappy:

Do you have a website you want to make responsive? What research have you already done on responsive web design?

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I suggest you have a look for an article or tutorial which covers the basics, and then take it from there.

For example:


I really like this info graphic with the basics for building responsive sites:

Once you know them it is really not that complex. One advice from my personal experience is that breakpoints for specific devices are really not that useful. Effective and efficient responsive web design is in my opinion entirely based on the particular content of your website. Resize the screen and once things fall apart then fix them.

Hope that helps…


Hello Attractivewebstudio

First thing first!
Making a responsible web design is as easy as painting your house but the exception is that the paints do not fade. I suggest you can use dreamweaver or any dynamic/static CMS hosting too. For example wordpress and more other stuffs.
Hope our suggestions satisfied you as much as we do doing the same:sunglasses:

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