How can I support this community?


Everytime I seek help within the confines of this amazing Sitepoint community, my conscience bothers me. Why? Because I know the maintenance and knowledge behind this site is not free, not by a long shot.

My question is this: how can I financially support this extremely important community?

I have thought of becoming a Premium Member, but I have nearly zero time to read ebooks or watch informative videos. This is not to say that I have not done just that in the past, but of late I seem to have no free time. However, if becoming a Premium Member is the way to help, then I will do just that.

Of late, I seek specific information that would take days/weeks to glean from ebooks or articles. Which is precisely why I ask for help here.

Make no mistake, I was raised to stay busy with constructive endeavors, so my current life style/ workflow, whatever you wish to call it, suits me just fine. I love to work and learn.

Any and all suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Thank you.

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I am sure that Sitepoint does well for itself financially. If you really want to to support the community, simply offer some of your time and help where you can. Communities like this thrive on the support of people like you helping others and bringing others to the site. Those people you bring may benefit from ebooks and content that sitepoint provides.

I don’t think you really need to donate money if you are not interested in the ebooks. I know myself and many of the other talented people here help as a sense of a giving back and genuinely wanting to help others. We donate our time and that means a lot. It brings people here and sustains sitepoint’s efforts and its community so that everyone benefits.

Even if you are not that experienced, your questions and others answers also adds to the content that Sitepoint’s community provides and helps others. Communities are becoming very important to brands and companies for this very reason. More eyes often leads to more sales. :slight_smile:


Well said.

Years ago when I received my EE degree, it dawned on me how little I actually knew. While the path forward seemed daunting at the time, I was fully aware that what I had learned merely opened the door to the reality of my chosen field. Looking back, the journey was not that difficult, but only a fool would ever think they know it all.

Your advise to drop in more often and help others is excellent advise.

Thank you for your comments.

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