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If I buy a subscription to SitePoint Premium, do I get PDF versions of books in addition to web access?

If I’m gonna buy something online, I want to own it and possess it and not just have access to it.

See Download books.

I’m confused… When I considered joining maybe a month or two ago there were some titles where the Premium membership would allow you to read books online plus you could download a PDF. Did that change?

Yes, it changed (a few months ago now). We don’t offer download access to our books with a monthly subscription; the deals we have in place with certain publishers preclude downloads anyway and a decision was taken to remove downloads from all titles, as explained the in thread @TechnoBear linked to.

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Bad move.

People want to own something that they buy, and not merely rent it.

With SitePoint’s model, I have to pay every month until the end of time to access a book that I bought, but never own.

And what happens if I buy a book from you hoping to read it in a month, but something comes up, and so I have to pay for another month to read the same book?

Or what if I merely need to reference something in a book a year from now? Pay more $$$.

HINT: I can go to your competitors and buy an eBook/PDF that I can download and own.

Furthermore, why pay SitePoint $15/month for “access” to Packtpub eBooks when I can go directly to PacktPub and own the same book for $8?!

Good luck with that busines model…

Until you change things back to how they used to be, don’t expect me to be a customer.

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What scenario/subscription still allows downloading/offline reading?

Hi Airin,

We’ve had to make some difficult decisions around this subject. We appreciate that some members prefer to read our books on various devices and at various times (which might include times when they don’t have internet access).

In order to offer our members a wider variety and increased number of books from other publishers, we’ve had to restrict downloading of books in our platform (there are a number of reasons for this, including royalty payments to publishers for books). This means that no new subscriptions/memberships include download access.

We apologise for the inconvenience and we’re working on a solution via our own offline reading platform with additional features to make the experience better.

If you have any feedback, or would like to discuss it further, please contact me directly at

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Hello Uli,
Yes, “new” is mentioned again, which subscriptions/memberships are not new? Do “old” memberships enable some downloading? Some members have been here since “learnable” - is there any difference?

An offline reading function by browser /plugin/software will probably be welcomed, and well received, if it isn’t stingy, and tightfisted.

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Sorry for the confusion and lack of clarification on my end. Members that joined before December 2018 and still retain a membership are able to download some of our (SitePoint) books.

If a member joined prior to December 2018 and cancelled their membership, then joined again after 1st December 2018, they will have joined under the “new” membership, meaning the will no longer have download access.

Hopefully this clarifies things for you? If you’d like me to look into your specific membership for further clarification, please email me at

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Even if you cannot offer this feature for partner books, nothing is stopping you from allowing premium members to download Sitepoint books.

And that is what I was looking for, because I can get a better deal on Packt directly from them.

Sitepoint has lots of interesting titles, but I’m not going to pay you perpetually just to have access to things when I need to look back at a book.

If you won’t offer the “You get what you paid for” model for everything, then at least offer that on YOUR books!

Totally get that PDF/Epub files aren’t available anymore, and I’m fine with that. How do I read the titles I’m interested in when I’m on my tablet on the commute to work, or on the plane? Does Sitepoint Premium have an offline mode?

Welcome to the forums, @ineedsomeartwork.

The last I heard, they were working on it.

Maybe @Uli can provide an update?

Thanks for your question and interest in SitePoint Premium @ineedsomeartwork. Currently we don’t have any offline capability, but we are in the process of building it. We’ve had to rebuild our reader to accommodate for this (along with other features we intend on adding in the future), so unfortunately we’re still a couple of months off being able to offer offline access, sorry.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact support at: or if you have any feedback, please email me directly at:

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