Sitepoint eBook: 9 Practical Node.js Projects

What would be a good category to discuss Sitepoint eBooks? There are multiple categories in Sitepoint’s community, but I want to discuss the book in the topic’s subject specifically.

Welcome to the forums, @m_src. smile

If you just want to discuss / review the book, then Community would be best.

If you want to discuss the content of the book, or need assistance with some aspect of it, then JavaScript would be better.

Thank you for the welcome! How much context should I include in my posts?

The reason why I asks is is that the exercises in the eBook are quite detailed, and each section in the chapter builds on what you learned in previous sections, and it might be best to speak directly to the author about my specific issues. Do the authors check the community regularly?

That depends on the author; some do, and some don’t.

Generally speaking, if you show the code you’re having problems with, and state where in the book it occurs, there’s a good chance that someone will be able to help, even if it’s not the original author.

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