How can I make this better?


I have been working on a new website for a client. They said that they want the overall look to be colorful and not too corporate. I was given brand guidelines (font and colors shown) along with the overall layout they were looking for. Can I get some feedback on what I have so far as far as design goes and also how can I make this design better?

Good start. What stands out to me initially is the font selection (serif) and size of the navigation in the header.

Navigation and social media links feel too small with the rest of the content. Perhaps an open source sans-serif font for navigation elements would be a better choice throughout the page.

The second page element that caught my eye is the blue / green boxes containing links and ‘Success Stories’. Curious to see if using white background with the blue and green implemented sparingly as key lines and/or embellishments. Perhaps doing a more consistent set if icons (either outline or filled) using the blue. That element feels very heavy and takes a majority of my focus when looking at the page.

Hope some of this feedback helps.

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