How can i make the redirection temporary

Hi, Sitepoint Experts,

I want to do temporary redirection from A page to B page for 30 seconds in my website. So is this will only possible with script or there is any alternate way to do.

I want to redirect “Page A” to “Page B” for 30 seconds and then it should be back to the original page. So how does it possible ? should i have to place script in page a ?

thanks and hope to see your reply soon.

Pretty sure you are not going to get any help here with a spamming and hacking site to “achieve your mischievous goals.”

Best asked in Javascript as Javascript has a better way of dealing with delay redirects.

Page A:
Check if localstorage key “beentoPageB” has been set.
If not:
Set beentoPageB.
window.location to page B.
If so:
Unset beentoPageB.

Page B:
setTimeout for 30 seconds, and then window.location back to Page A.

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