How to speed up my redirects

I forgot if I posted this before or I did not, either way, I need to redirect my users but I need it to redirect ONCE they go on like the second they go on it redirects I use javascript to redirect. But, when I go on to my website It, loads for 3 seconds then it redirects. Website (so you can see it for yourself):

As suggested in your other thread, you would be better to set up a proper server-side redirect. It would then redirect before the page is loaded, rather than after.


What is a proper server-side redirect though

m3g4p0p linked to a tutorial in that post. Did you take a look at it?

no :lying_face: :wink:

And in case you are still wondering why it is slow as you have it.
That is probably to do with the question you dodged in that other topic.