How can i make my site run faster?

Hi everyone, I was curious on a way to improve my sites performance to load faster, the site is:

Its around 8kb in the file manager and to achieve its design its all on 1 page which is pretty bad but idk if anyone has any suggestions or not, thanks.

Usually I find websites either through StumbleUpon, my twitter subscriptions or via places like Smashing Magazine who link to useful stuff. :slight_smile:

I would recommend reviewing your code and optimizing dodgy html and photos. If you have complex server script that slows down response time - Use some kind of server side caching engine to speed it up.

The main problem is that your image files are far too big.
I find the best tool for compressing images with unnoticeable loss of quality is Adobe Fireworks.

your site is on the hosting space or install a server ? if your site installed on the server, can use cache server. If you are using hosting space, can try to write some cache files by using php,still not improve too much, contact your hosting space support.

wow thanks for the great link, how the heck do you find stuff like this?

You can improve your sites performance to load faster by using only html. And try to compress pictures that is used in your sites. And try to avoid video in your site also.

@jlisec01: I wrote a blog post a couple of years back on Web site Front-end optimization. Have a look at it, you might find it helpful.

@AlexDawson: Thanks for sharing that link buddy! Seems like a great tool.

The quickest way to shrink the size of your images without a huge loss in quality would be using something like Yahoo SmushIt, and it would speed up your site! :slight_smile:

enable gzip compression, combine css, js, serve static content from a non cacheable domain, optimize images (same image may be larger as png than jpg and reverse). Maybe you shoud consider to use a tool like PageSpeed plugin (for firebug);

That, and compress and combine your .js and .css files
Also, there are 30 unused selectors in your CSS (found out using the Dust Me Selectors Add-On for firefox)

This should help:
Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

your images are huge file sizes that’s a start.

Optimize your images:

Smushed 12.75% or 250.95 KB from the size of your image(s).

Also use YSlow or some similar tool to see the recommended optimizations.