How do I reduce my site size? Any outsources to reduce the images?

My website is here:

Let me know some useful ideas?

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You can get a good idea of why your site is so slow by using on-line tools such as GTmetrix.
See the drop-down for “Optimize images” to see how much your images could be optimised.
It may also be worth checking out the other information given there.

Looks like your site is a wordpress one. I do not know if wordpress sites were as bad as they used to be but they used to have a lot of excess coding. I would see if you can find a wordpress compressor/optimiser program and try running a page through that.

There are several online tools to reduce images sizes. Two I find helpful are (which despite its name resizes both JPGs and PNGs) and

The tool I linked above actually saves optimised versions of your images as part of the process. Links to them are in the “Optimize images” roll-out.

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