How can i make flash file

how can i make flash file

to this banner <snip>

easily and to be funny

There is no Flash involved on the page to which you linked. Please explain in more what it is you’re trying to achieve.

i know that no flash
but there are photos
changed when i change page [noparse][/noparse]
i want to colloet these photos to flash if it has same speed

Why do you want to use Flash? It isn’t supported on various Apple devices, such as iPads. Why not use a simple JavaScript slideshow instead? You can find any number of them available to download if you do an internet search.

ok thanls

From your post, I assume you want a slideshow. Flash is horrible for animation on any OS whether it be a mobile one like iOS (doesn’t even work) or on a desktop.
It bogs down performance and causes lag. It is rarely smooth. Javascript is a good option but I recommend a jQuery slideshow. It is based on HTML5 and is a lot better in terms of set up and customization.

If you tell us what kind of slideshow you want, we can suggest some nice options that are free.

It may be correct that flash isn’t necessarily the best option for this, but to contend that flash is ‘horrible for animation’ and ‘causes lag’ is complete nonsense. HTML5 animation and canvas are a lot less sophisticated and generally more processor intensive.